Fanfiction? o.O; WHAT?

I never thought anyone would bother enough to write a story with any of my characters in it, but it seems I was wrong. Here are stories that people actually wrote, starring my characters. If you wanna submit a story (pff, yeah right... ;P) please mail it to Text files are preferred. ;)

And so, a little message to the writers: Thank you so much! ^.^

Stories by Ryan Perrault:

Saving Lisa Echidna:
Lisa is kidnapped by Zomicca, but the NAVI Seals are out to save her! Rating: PG-13 because of profainity, violence, death, and stuff like that. You were warned. Poor, poor Zomicca. .^;;

Prolouge, Chapter one, Chapter two, Chapter three, Chapter four, Chapter five, Chapter six, Chapter seven, Chapter eight, Chapter nine, Chapter ten, Epilouge

Stories by Ryan Nix (used without permission):

Lisa the cyborg

Lisa is turned into a cyborg... uh-oh! Rated G. All viewers, come see! ^^


The start of the new millenium draws near. I think this was written in the end of 1999. Rated G.

Stories by Anthony Bault:

Saving Lisa

I'm saved... again? ;) Something's not right at the ArtWorX... what could it be..? Rated G.

Part 1
Part 2

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