by Ryan Perreault







Underground Island

Lisa's home turf  Tuesday, July 23rd - 8:00am


                A parade of Lisa Echidna fans were around Underground Island.  All of a sudden, the house appeared!

                The fans cheered as they all held up copies of their favorite Lisa art works.

                The house softly settled back down in it's rightful spot, and the front door opened and out came Lisa waving her hand around, her other hand was dragging a tied up and gagged Zomicca!

                "She is the reason for all my chaos!" Lisa called out.

                Everybody booed Zomicca.

                Lisa smiled and announced, "I'm back and alive, all thanks to the Floating Island Navy's special forces, the Navy SEALs!"

                Then the Navy SEALs, led by Sonic, Bat, Mighty and Knuckles, stepped out and showed all of themselves to the crowd.

                The crowd cheered loudly as they ran to them.

                Many fans welcomed Lisa back and for bringing the site back in good order, and others thanked the Navy SEALs for rescuing her!

                The Navy SEALs C-130 was parked not to far away.  With one snap of Lisa's finger, all the vehicles in the garage grew to normal size.

                All the fans gathered around Lisa kissing her and hugging her and saying they missed her!  Then Alexa appeared through the crowd in front of Lisa.

                "Lisa Echidna, welcome back," Alexa said.

                "Thanks, Alexa," Lisa said shaking her hand.  Then Alexa looked down at the tied up and gagged Zomicca.

                "And as for you!" Alexa said to Zomicca, "Maybe a few years, or a lifetime, in the past should keep you away from Lisa for a while!"

                After hearing that, Lisa pointed her finger out in front and a time window opened.

                "As Knuckles said, I'll see you when I see you," Lisa said to Zomicca.

                Then both Lisa and Alexa pushed Zomicca through the portal and it disappeared.  Then Alexa pulled out a chao and handed it to Lisa.

                "Hogi-san?!" Lisa said in surprise, "I thought Zomicca sent you away!"

                "Nope, that was the mayor at the door.  He said he was taking me away from the house, but really Sonic wanted information about Zomicca from me."

                Lisa just hugged Hogi-san happily.

                The crowd cheered at the fact that Zomicca was gone... but for how long?

                The Navy SEALs gathered up in the back of the C-130 after they put their vehicles and weapons locked inside.

                Only Bat and Sonic stayed outside looking at Lisa getting welcomed and her promising that she'll fix the site and get everything back to normal again.

                Bat turned around and walked in the plane.  At the edge, he turned around to Sonic.

                Sonic was ready to walk in when he saw Bat holding his hand out to him.  Sonic took Bat's hand and they stepped in the plane as the back bay door's closed.

                The engines revved up and they plane turned around and was rolling down the flat grassy field.  As the plane moved away, the crowd cheered for them as it turned away and was speeding down the runway.

                Soon, the C-130 got enough speed and it took off into the air leaving Lisa and everybody at the house.  Mission accomplished.