by Ryan Perreault








Pumpkin' Hill

200 Miles Southeast of Sky Rail

April 25, 3229, 4:00am


                Boom!  The helicopter on the ground exploded!

                It was late at night and a few helicopters on the ground exploded in high fireballs in the night darkness.  Those were some of Robotnik's helicopters based in Pumpkin Hill.  There were also two awaiting C-130's (military cargo planes) with engines on, on the ground.

                Then, about 30 massively muscular hedgehogs, echidna's and foxes, all wearing military camouflage uniforms and carrying all sorts of illegal machine guns, came running out and away from the burning helicopters.  They were all shouting at each other to get out and away.  Some of them were carrying others out on their shoulders.  They all ran into the back of the opened cargo planes.  These hedgehogs, echidnas and foxes are the Floating Island Navy's special forces called the Navy SEALs.

                One of them was named Lieutenant Ryan Perreault, callsign Bat.  He is a black muscular echidna.  Now, Bat is a fighter pilot in the Floating Island Air Force, but he is incredibly muscular and intelligent for all branches of the Floating Island's military forces.  If a platoon, special forces team, special ops team, flight team, or anything else needed military help, they always call for Bat.  In this case, Bat is here helping the Navy SEALs on a mission which looks to be a disaster.

                Bat looked back, he saw a lot of the squadron coming, but couldn't find Knuckles.  Bat has no family relation to Knuckles, they are just best buds.  Bat couldn't see Knuckles so he ran to Espio, who was getting on the plane, and asked him.

                "That Knuckles' helicopter?" Bat asked pointing to one of the burning choppers.

                "He was in that damn chopper when it blew up!" Espio said to Bat as he got in the plane.

                Bat ran to the burning chopper.

                The commander of the Navy SEALs for that mission saw Bat running away.  The commander was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog!

                "Bat!" Sonic yelled, "Bat, get back here!  Where the hell are you going?  We're pulling out!" Bat just continued running, "Lieutenant Perreault!"

                Perreault was Bat's real last name.  In the military while on duty, you must always call everybody by their last name or their call signs.

                Bat ran to an armadillo, Mighty, and quickly asked him.

                "Mighty, where's Knux?" Bat asked Mighty.

                "Still in the damn chopper.  The flames are too high.  We tried but he can't be reached," Mighty said to him.  Bat turned around and ran to the chopper.

                "Lieutenant, don't go in there!  The fuel tanks are about to blow!" Mighty yelled.  He continued back to the plane.

                Bat got to the back of the burning chopper and looked in the back opening.

                "Knux!  Knux!" Bat yelled.

                Bat climbed through the back and crawled through the burning wreckage to get Knuckles.

                "Knuckles, where are you?" Bat called.

                Knuckles called back, "Bat, get out of here man, the thing's gonna blow!"

                Knuckles' leg was pinned down by a jeep.

                "God damnit!  Get out of here!  The thing's gonna blow!" Knuckles yelled.

                Bat climbed through the burning wreckage and he finally get right up to Knuckles.  Knuckles was wearing the same camouflage uniform as Bat and everybody else.  Knuckles was also volunteering for the Navy SEALs just for the sake that Bat was going to be there.

                "Hang on," Bat said to Knuckles.

                "Get out!" Knuckles urged.  But Bat didn't want to leave Knuckles alone to die.

                "Hang on, Knux," Bat said.

                "Get out!"

                Bat reached down and grabbed Knuckles' armpits and tried to pull him out, but he wouldn't budge.

                "Ow!  God!  God!  My leg's caught!" Knuckles said.

                Bat walked to the jeep that held Knuckles' leg and he grabbed onto the bumper, which only burnt his hands.


                "Get out of here, Lieutenant!" Knuckles yelled again.

                Bat took off his camouflage jacket and held his palms to it so he could grab the jeep again.  Bat grabbed onto the bumper of the jeep using the jacket for protection from his hands.

                "Listen Knux, I'm going to raise up the jeep.  Move your leg.  Ready?" Bat said.

                Then Bat, with all his muscles, lifted the jeep as high as he can and Knuckles slid his leg out. 

                "Move it!" Bat said, "Move it!  Move your leg!"

                Once so, Bat got behind Knuckles and pulled him out of the helicopter.

                Back at the cargo planes, all of the Navy SEALs were in there.

                "Get them up here!  Move it!  Break it up.  And right, bring it up, let's go!" Sonic said.  Then Mighty quickly caught to Sonic.

                "Sonic, Bat and Knuckles are still back there," Mighty said.

                "They're just two echidnas, I've got a whole squadron to think about.  Okay, let's move it!" Sonic started closing the back bay door of the cargo plane and ready to lock it.

                Then Bat, while carrying Knuckles on his shoulders, started running to the planes.

                "There they are!" Mighty yelled pointing out.

                "Come on, man.  Move it!" they called.

                "Okay, take it down, take it down." Sonic said as the bay doors were opening again.

                Bat ran in the plane with Knuckles in tow and then the bay doors closed and the planes rolled around to take off.

                They rolled down the road away from the base of the helicopters and into the air.

                Sonic walked through the plane and he saw that everybody was exhausted as they sat in their metal chairs either checking their gear, fixing their uniforms, or nursing their wounds.  Sonic took a seat next to Bat who's having his hand being wrapped with a bandage from the burn his hand.

                "Why the hell wouldn't they listen, Sonic?" Bat said to Sonic, "We told them it was too dangerous to launch this Operation at night."

                "They thought their plan was better," Sonic said to Bat.

                "I spent five years in the Great Mobian War watching them doing them planning as us die.  Sometimes it's hard being the smartest military officer on the planet.  When we go back, I'm just going to my real career into flying fighter jets.  You guys should know what to do, you're Navy SEALs!  I helped the Green Beret's, the Delta Force, the Floating Island Marine Corpse, and the Knothole Freedom Fighters.  I'm just going to fly fighters for the rest of my career, that is all."

                The two C-130's continued on course to the Floating Island Air Force Base on the Floating Island.


*              *                *


                "We interrupt this program to bring you the following special news bulletin.  We just received moments ago than an attempt to rescue the freedom fighter hostages held in Pumpkin Hill ended in disaster for the Floating Island Navy's top special forces.  Eight members of the group have been killed and 13 wounded at first count.  No further information is available to the outcome if this disaster."