by Ryan Perreault







                "We've been informed by Mobian intelligence that Lisa's house is in the center of the Underground Valley.  We have reason to believe that the closet Lisa's in is deadbolted and is 200 miles south of the valley.  If so, then it's started to become nightfall there."


*              *                *


                The Navy SEALs C-130 is flying through the night sky.  Sonic and Bat are on video phone with Sally.

                "Lisa is still in the closet and is gagged up real good.  The mayor of underground Island is ready to cooperate.  You go to Underground Valley in Underground Island," Sally told Sonic on the video phone.

                Back in the cargo where all the SEALs are, Bat walks in and announces, "All right guys, listen up!  We're landing in Underground Valley!  Prepare your gear!"

                Then all the hedgehogs, foxes and echidnas pulled out their machine guns and choked them up ready.  They are ready to save Lisa Echidna!

                In the cockpit of the plane, the pilot spoke in his head set.

                "Mayor of Underground, this is SEAL One.  Requesting permission to land on Underground Valley turf," the pilot said.  There was a voice on the other end.

                "SEAL One, this is the Mayor of Underground Island.  Permission granted," the mayor said over the radio.

                Then, in the night sky, the C-130 extracted its gear and was slowing down and ready to land on the flat grassy field where Lisa's house was, but was pretty far away to keep Zomicca from hearing the plane.  With all lights on, the plane made a soft touchdown on the turf and started to slow down until it came to a halt and the engines shut down.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, Zomicca was sitting on the couch eating noodles and watching television, unaware of the plane that just landed on the 200 square mile yard around her.


*              *                *


                Back with the plane, the back bay door was open and a lot of the hedgehogs, foxes and echidnas were either changing into civilian clothing, workers of an oil heating company, and the rest were in their military gear.  They were all unpacking their weapons and vehicles and getting ready to go into action.  They were about 5 miles away from Lisa's house, and the plane was still invisible due to the darkness and the fact that the plane is pained black and all the lights were off.

                Sonic walked out of the plane.

                "You men, stay with the equipment," Sonic said to a few foxes as he walked on.

                "We are going to go for it this time, right Sonic?" Mighty asked.

                "Damn right," was all Sonic said as he passed Mighty.

                As Sonic walked to a truck disguised as an oil heating truck, a beeper was heard.  In fact, there were three trucks and one jeep there all disguised as civilian trucks except for the jeep which kept it's Navy SEAL logo on it.  One of the echidna's opened up a silver suitcase and put it on a table.  It was a portable video phone but still had a receiver to get audio back and fourth.  The echidna dialed in a number.

                "SEAL One, I receive you.  SEAL One, I receive you," the echidna said.  There was a pause.

                "Yes, ma'am.  Just a minute, ma'am," he said as he held out the phone to Sonic, "Sonic!  Sally Acorn, sir."

                Sonic walked to the echidna and put the phone to his ear.

                "Sally Acorn, we've got damn near perfect conditions right now.  This is just the kind of situation we were looking for," Sonic said, "If we wait any longer, we might end up with another fiasco."

                "I'm sorry, Sonic," Sally said over the line, "Queen Alenna doesn't want to risk any lives.  She can release Lisa through negotiations, that's what she wants to do.  So until the negotiations break down, you're SEALs are on hold."

                Sally hung up the phone on the other end.  So did Sonic.  Sonic and Bat found a place away from the others.  Bat had an fully loaded MP5N submachine gun in his hand.

                "How long do we have to wait?" Bat asked.

                "Well, Sally Acorn is waiting for the go-ahead from Queen Alenna.  I'm waiting for the go-ahead from Sally Acorn.  And you're waiting for the go-ahead from me.  Clear?" Sonic asked.  Bat nodded his head.  Sonic took out a patch of the Mobian flag and pealed off the sticky backing.

                "In the meantime, I'm going over to the side forest close to the house.  I want to debrief any chao that witnessed this crime.  If any chao did witness this crime," Sonic placed the patch on his left arm about an inch above his shoulder on his uniform, "So you get up there, and get set.  But wait for my signal."

                "Got it," Bat said.

                Sonic walked to a jeep and climbed in the passenger side with another hedgehog SEAL in the drivers seat.  This jeep also had an alarm on it, but they didn't bother to turn it on.  Then they drove away and out if sight of the other SEALs.

                Bat turned to another echidna and said, "Okay, get rid of the box."

                The echidna SEAL took the video phone suitcase, closed it, locked it up, and ran inside the plane.

                Most of the hedgehogs, echidnas and foxes piled up in the trucks.  Bat climbed to the side of the oil heating truck.

                "Move out!" he called.

                Then they all drove away from the plane and drove to Lisa's house ready to rescue her.  The remaining foxes stayed there armed with guns guarding the plane.


*              *                *


                At the edge of the forest, Sonic and the mayor of Underground Island and a few members of the Underground Island police and military were with Sonic all with portable computers and communication equipment.  The mayor spoke in the headset.

                "Our computers show that you are loosing your heating oil, we were thinking to prevent being cold in the winter, you should get more oil.  This is the only chance you'll get free oil from Mobius heating company," the mayor said.  Zomicca's voice was heard over the radio.

                "Oh all right, I guess so," Zomicca said.

                They mayor turned to Sonic.

                "Okay, she fell for it.  I'm going to the house," the mayor said.

                "I'll wait for you hear, mayor.  You send me back any chao that speaks English!" Sonic called as the mayor and a few of the others left.

                Sonic took a few steps further and he pulled out his small phone, kind of like a wired, walkie talkie, and placed it to his ear.

                "Bat, nobody moves until all of the chao witnesses in the house have been collected.  All sections acknowledged, one, two, and three," Sonic said.


*              *                *


                At the house, a few limo's drove up to the house and a few people exited and they walked to the house.  One of them rang the doorbell and Zomicca answered it.

                "Hi, I'm from the Special Prevention of Cruelty to Chao.  I have here that there is a chao in this house that has been assaulted.  But you don't look like the person who did this assault on this picture here so I'll just take any chao you have in this house," the guy said.

                "Uh, sure.  There is only one chao here," Zomicca said confused, "Hogi-san!" she called.

                Then a small chao came running to her.  The guy at the door kneeled down and picked him up.

                "Ain't he so cute?" the guy asked sweetly.

                "Yeah, now get out of here.  I'm waiting for some free heating," Zomicca said meanly closing the door.  She then turned to the closet and walked to it.


*              *                *


                Sonic leaned on a rock facing the house, worried about the Navy SEALs and wondering if the mission would be a success.


*              *                *


                "Hey Lisa-Esa, it look's like your little chao, Hogi-san has been taken away by the SPCC," she said with an evil laugh.

                Inside, Lisa just rolled around herself, throwing herself with rage and gagging because of the rag that has covered her mouth.  She threw herself on the door so many times that she wanted to kill Zomicca right then and there.

                Zomicca, on the other side, just made another evil laugh.  And she walked away.

                the doorbell rung again and Zomicca rudely answered it and the mayor, holding Hogi-san, was there.

                "What?" Zomicca snapped.

                "We also need Hogi-san's accessories and ID," the mayor said.

                Zomicca sighed and said, "Hold on."

                She left leaving the door open.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, the disguised oil trucks stopped right at the house at the front side and the back side.  Once they stopped, Bat stepped off the truck, reached in the truck for his MP5N submachine gun and used the truck to hide behind.  He looked over the hood and saw that the mayor and the others were still at the house.  Bat had an earpiece with a wire connected to a small communications computer the size of a beeper.  the earpiece also served as a microphone too.  Each of the section leaders had one.

                "Section one in position," Bat said.

                On the other side of the house, Knuckles and his section were disguised as civilians.

                "Section two in position," Knuckles said in his radio from the other side of the house.

                At the side of the house, Mighty and his section were disguised as oil heaters.

                "Section three in position," Mighty said in his radio from the side of the house.

                "We don't move until the chao is away and safe.  Acknowledge, section two," Bat said.

                "Section two acknowledged," Knuckles said.

                "Section three," Bat said.

                "Section three acknowledged," Mighty said.


*              *                *


                Zomicca then returned to the mayor with a bag full of items.

                "Here you go, here's his stupid stuff," Zomicca said.

                "Thanks, and we hope to give the chao a new home," the mayor said politely.

                In the closet, Lisa's ear was to the door as she heard the conversation and she was pissed off at Zomicca.

                Zomicca closed the door on the mayor.  Then she walked to the closet again.

                "Now you'll never see your precious little Hogi-san again," Zomicca said evilly.

                Lisa just threw her body at the closet door.

                Zomicaa laughed again, and she walked back to the computer to do more updating on Lisa's site.


*              *                *


                Outside, the mayor, carrying Hogi-san, stepped in his limo and then the driver got in and they drove away.  Bat watched this as the limo left and was now out of sight.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, with Sonic, his telephone beeped.  He picked it up.

                "Yeah?" Sonic said.  On the other end was Bat.

                "Sonic, the mayor has left with a chao," Bat said, "We're ready to make our move."

                "Sorry Bat, but we're still on hold," Sonic said disappointedly.

                "Damnit Sonic, let's not screw this one up," Bat said angrily.

                Sonic just hung up the phone waiting.


*              *                *


                The other Zomicca's walked to the real Zomicca on the computer.

                "What was that?" one of them said.

                "Oh, the mayor here wanted to get rid of the worthless chao," Zomicca said.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, one of the police officers with Sonic called him.

                "Sonic Hedgehog, they want you on the phone," the officer said.

                Sonic walked to the phone and picked it up.

                "Sonic Hedgehog here," Sonic said.

                "Sonic, it's a go," Sally said over the line.

                "Got you," Sonic said as he hung up the phone.

                Sonic walked to the rock again an picked up his phone.

                "Bat, it's a go.  Take 'em down," Sonic said.


*              *                *


                "Okay section's two and three, let's do it," Bat said.  He looked at his watch and got it prepared, "Close communications.  We go in 60 seconds.  Ready... mark."

                "Mark.  We go in 60 seconds," Mighty said on his radio.

                "60 seconds, mark," Knuckles said on his radio.

                "Radio's off the air," Bat ordered.

                They all took out their ear pieces and hit the power-off switch on their communication beepers.  They were ready to go in and save Lisa.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, the mayor and the others walked back to Sonic and the others with Hogi-san in his hands.  The mayor walked to Sonic.

                "Sonic, this is Hogi-san.  He is Lisa's pet chao," the mayor said.

                "Mayor, officers, if you'd excuse me, I'd like to talk to him alone," Sonic said.

                "Yes, sir," the mayor said as he, the police officers and the military personnel walked away and putting Hogi-san sitting on the rock.  Soon, they were alone.  Sonic kneeled to the chao.

                "This will only take a few minutes," Sonic said.

                "What's happening?" Hogi-san asked.

                "The Floating Island Navy commando is going to break into the house," Sonic said.  then Hogi-san's eyes widened with terror.

                "Oh, no.  Don't," Hogi-san said, "It will endanger Lisa for Zomicca to split her up with the power amplifier."  Sonic was shocked.

                "What power amplifier?" Sonic asked.

                "Zomicca can increase her power to beyond full after she multiplied herself to--"

                "What other multiplicates?!" Sonic yelled in fright.

                "Zomicca has multiplied herself ten or twelve times to keep Lisa secure," Hogi-san said.  Sonic couldn't believe this.

                "God!" Sonic yelled to himself as he picked up his phone and spoke into it, "All sections!  All sections!"


*              *                *


                "Ok, 30 seconds, all right," Knuckles said to his section as he and his section choked up their guns.


*              *                *


                "All sections!  Somebody respond!" Sonic yelled in his phone running out of the forest and into the jeep he came in.  He didn't know that the sections have cut their communications.

                "Let's go!  Turn the light on!  Hit the siren!" Sonic yelled at the hedgehog SEAL in the drivers seat.  He jumped in the passenger side as the jeep hit the siren and drove down the grassy field to Lisa's house.

                "All sections!  All sections!" Sonic yelled continuously in his phone.


*              *                *


                Bat was just ready to spring into action when he heard the siren.  He stopped and looked in the direction of the sound.

                "What the hell is that?" Mighty asked himself after hearing the siren.


*              *                *


                "Come on!  Get out of there, Bat!" Sonic yelled as loud as he can.  The jeep was driving as high speed to the house and the sections.


*              *                *


                Zomicca heard the siren!  She quickly jumped out of her chair knocking it over.

                "What the hell?!  I think somebody knows about this kidnapping!" Zomicca yelled.

                Lisa heard this and smiled in the closet.


*              *                *


                "What the hell?" Bat asked himself.  Then he saw Zomicca stick her body out the window.  Bat quickly ducked behind the truck.  Then Zomicca pointed her finger out and fireballs started shooting from it all over the place where the sections were.  Once she paused, Bat jumped up and waved his arms.

                "Don't shoot back!  We're clearing out!" Bat yelled.  He opened the door to the truck he was hiding behind and said, "Get out!"

                Mighty and his section got out of the truck and stayed low.

                On the other side, Knuckles was about to shoot but his section told him to not shoot.

                Zomicca continued firing fireballs all around the place.  Some of the truck retreated.

                Finally, Sonic's jeep arrived next to Bat.  Bat quickly stayed low as he got in the jeep.  Then it drove off again as Zomicca continued firing fireballs.

                Suddenly, she hit the oil heating truck which caused a leak.  Then with another fireball, she hit the leaks and the truck exploded in a bright light.

                Knuckles saw the fire on the other side.

                "Shit," Knuckles said.

                The oil truck disintegrated.


*              *                *


                Zomicca ran to her multiplicates and ordered, "Float us out of here!"

                "If we use that much power, we'll vanish," one of them said.

                "I'll make new ones, now get us out of here.  I'll support," Zomicca said.

                Then the Zomicca's pointed to the sky and magic came out of their fingers.


*              *                *


                Outside, the entire houses broke from it's landmark and floated in the air!

                As the jeep carrying Sonic, Bat and the other hedgehog drove by, they all saw the house floating.  They stopped and hid behind the truck.


*              *                *


                The transparent Zomicca's vanished.  Then Zomicca unlocked the closet and grabbed Lisa.  She dragged her out and to the open front door.  She yelled out to the Navy SEALs while holding the gagged up Lisa.

                "Floating Island!  Look what you've done!  This is the Lisa Echidna you wanted to save!  Here she is!" Zomicca yelled.

                Sonic and Bat were wide eyed and Bat said, "Oh my God, she's probably gonna kill her."

                "You have to tell yourselves that I win... and you lose!" Zomicca yelled louder. 

                Bat held up his gun to kill Zomicca, but Sonic held it down and said, "Don't shoot."

                "The Floating Island, is one bloody killer!" Zomicca yelled.

                Then she punched the gagged up Lisa across the face.  Then she slammed her head in the door frame, kicked her, then threw the bleeding Lisa back in the house.  Zomicca held out two fingers to the SEALs saying that she wins.

                "Jesus," Sonic said.  Then he got up, ran, stopped and looked up at the house.

                "Let's go," Bat said as he did the same.  Soon, everybody else looked up at the house, knowing the never seen a floating house before.

                Suddenly, the entire house stopped in mid-air and it vanished!

                It was all silent now, then Sonic looked at the Navy SEALs.

                "Sorry I had to do it that way, boys," Sonic said, "It was the only way I could stop you in time."

                "What happened, Sonic?" Knuckles asked.

                "Zomicca duplicated herself twelve times.  They were armed to the teeth with machine guns.  It would've been a disaster," Sonic said.

                "Where do we go from here?" Bat asked.

                "After them.  I hope," Sonic said.

                A while later, the Navy SEALs C-130 Hercules, with men and equipment on board, flew away from Underground Island.


*              *                *


                In the plane, Sonic was on video phone with Sally again who is in the Pentagon as usual.

                "The house is located in Robotropolice," Sally said.

                "You mean it's all over for us?" Sonic asked shocked.

                "On the contrary, Sonic," Sally said, "Queen Alenna want's you to fly to Green Hill."

                "Green Hill?" Sonic asked.  Then Bat showed up behind Sonic.

                "Green Hill is the Freedom Fighters' best friend in the terrorist area.  It's only 20 minutes from Robotropolice.  You can get everything and anything you want, do it right," Sally said, "Queen Alenna wants Lisa Echidna and her site back."

                "So do we, Sally," Bat said, "So do we."