by Ryan Perreault







                The van stopped at a cemetery.  They all got out and Alexa led them inside, this time Bat had on his sunglasses.  They all stopped at a grave and they all pretended to pray.  Bat put the flowers on the tombstone of the grave of which he had no idea of the person.  They all got into praying positions, then Alexa talked to them while holding the position.

                "If you look down to your right, you'll see the main sewer pipe," Alexa said, "That will lead you directly to the back end of the school."

                Bat looked right and took off his sunglasses.  Knuckles pulled out a pair of binoculars and handed them to Bat.

                "That is where Lisa's heart and soul is," Alexa said.

                Bat looked through his binoculars and he saw a sewer pipe coming from the ocean and onto the land.  The same pipe that Alexa saw earlier.  Bat then saw the school where he knew Lisa's heart and soul is locked away in their closet.

                In the van which is parked, Alexa pointed out a building far away from the school, it was Zomicca's house from the past.  Alexa was in the drivers seat, Knuckles was in the passenger seat and Bat was in the back.

                "Zomicca's house, Lisa's mind is locked away in her closet there," Alexa said, "Want to come with me?"

                "No, just do what you have to do," Bat said.

                Alexa pointed under the passenger side seat and said, "Under the seat you'll find something you might need, just in case."

                Alexa got out of the van.

                "Don't take too long," Bat said.

                Knuckles then crawled into the drivers seat and the both of them waited.

                Alexa walked into the police building.

                Once she was inside, Knuckles pulled out two hand-held submachine guns under the seat and four magazines.  He handed a gun and a magazine to Bat.  Bat put the magazine in the gun but didn't chock it up.

                "Boss, aren't we trusting this girl a bit too much?" Knuckles asked.

                "The Freedom Fighters say she's the best cop they have in Robotropolice," Bat said, "We need someone to give the message back to Sonic."


*              *                *


                Alexa walked into her office at the police station.  The entire station was deserted, so she was the only one there.  She sat down at her desk, types something in the computer, and she spoke in the microphone in a foreign laguage.

                Little did she realize, at the other end of the hall, Zomicca was walking to her with a machine gun in her hand.  And three other transparent Zomicca's followed her.

                Alexa was still talking.  She stopped thinking she heard something, and she looked around and saw nothing.  She continued her talking.

                Zomicca was walking closer to her.  All of a sudden, Zomicca reached Alexa and quickly snatched her gun away.  Alexa, shocked, spun around and she saw four Zomicca's surround her with machine guns.

                "Alexa," Zomicca said.  Then she looked at the computer program Alexa was using.  It looked like she was trying to contact somebody.

                "Good afternoon... kidnapper!" Alexa said.

                "Come," Zomicca said.


*              *                *


                Knuckles looked out the window of the van.

                "Boss.  Boss.  Look," Knuckles said tapping Bat's shoulder.  Bat looked out the window.

                They both saw Alexa being escorted by the Zomicca's out of the station and passing them.  Bat choked up his submachine gun as they stared at them pass them.

                They led Alexa through a gate and into Zomicca's house.

                "We better get out of here," Knuckles said getting ready to turn on the engines.

                Bat touched Knuckles; shoulder and said, "Wait."

                They were both silent as they watched Alexa being taken away.

                "Stay here," Zomicca said to one of her duplicates.  Then Alexa and the Zomicca's went in the building.

                It was silent for a moment as they watched the building.

                All of a sudden, Alexa ran out on the balcony and faced Bat and Knuckles yelling, "Go!  Go!  Go!"

                Knuckles choked up his submachine gun and said, "Jesus Christ, what do we do now?"

                All of a sudden, Alexa decided to jump off the balcony and on her feet!  Zomicca looked down and saw Alexa get away far away.

                Zomicca choked up her hand gun.  then she pointed her finger out in front and appeared on the road were two jeeps with mounted machine guns and other multiplicates of Zomicca!

                "Get them!  Get them!" Zomicca yelled at the Zomicca's in the jeeps about Bat and Knuckles.

                "Get the hell out of here!" Bat yelled at Knuckles.

                Knuckles hit the gas of the van and it started driving away.

                The two jeeps that Zomicca made started following Bat and Knuckles at top speed.

                Zomicca tried to shoot Bat and Knuckles but they were too far away.


*              *                *


                "Shit!" Knuckles said seeing that the two jeeps were chasing them.

                Bat opened the sliding door of the van and leaned out the side of it.  The jeep closest to them started firing it's machine gun at them, that gave Bat an opportunity to fire back.  Bat pulled the trigger on his gun and he only shot the front of the jeep, but no Zomicca.

                Knuckles drove along the road very fast.

                The Zomicca's started firing again, so Bat quickly snuck inside the van as they continued firing.

                Bat then broke the back windshield of the van and fired at them from there.  Again, he only hit the front hood of the jeeps, but he did manage to take out the headlights.  But that didn't do much of anything since it was broad daylight.

                Knuckles took a sharp turn into a no-vehicle road as the jeeps continued chasing them.  Bat leaned out the side of the van again and continued firing.  He hit the windshield wipers on the jeeps but still, he didn't hit a Zomicca.

                Knuckles make a clear left turn down a dirt road and he nearly collided with an oncoming car.  He moved far enough to miss it.  The car just hit a watermelon stand.

                Bat leaned out the van again and continued firing.

                Knuckles made a sharp right turn as civilians ran off the street in fright.  In fact, Knuckles drove so fast that he broke off an open car door.

                After Knuckles made another left turn, Bat then fired his gun through the back windshield again.  this time he broke the front windshield of one of the jeeps that it accidentally hit a watermelon stand but still drove on.  Both jeeps were still in their pursuit.

                Then Knuckles turned right and there were road stairs.  So Knuckles drove down them and continued driving.

                Once the jeeps were clear away from the stairs and chasing them, Knuckles made a sharp turn left onto a dirt road and took out a phone booth while he was at it.  Knuckles got back on the tarred road and continued driving.  The back jeep hit the side of a parked truck but sustained little damaged and continued chasing Bat and Knuckles.

                Bat fired from the rear of the van, and suddenly, his submachine gun ran out of bullets.  Bat ducked down in the seats and he took out the magazine from his gun.

                After Knuckles saw that, he shifted into highest gear and pressed his foot on the pedal as far as it will go.

                Bat was trying to put the new magazine in the gun but the van was shaking too much that he couldn't get the new one in fully.

                The jeep drove to the left side of the van and the Zomicca's fired their guns at it badly breaking all the windows.

                Finally, Bat got the magazine in and choked up his gun.  In a heartbeat, Bat stuck his head out of the left side of the van and fired his gun at the too-close Zomicca's.  This time, the passenger Zomicca splattered blood all over her and she fell back.  Once she did, the jeep lost balance and it ran into a stone fireplace causing it to flip upside down.  The next thing you know, the jeep exploded killing the Zomicca's that were in there.

                Knuckles drove away from that blast but they were still being chased by one more jeep.  It fired it's guns at them trying to kill them.

                Bat fired from the rear of the van again, this time, the Zomicca gunner fell backwards and off the jeep.

                Bat fired more bullets and this time, the Zomicca driver fell down on the steering wheel.  Suddenly, the jeep drove straight into a truck fueled with fuel tanks.  The jeep flipped over and it exploded in mid-air into a fireball.

                Bat and Knuckles were safe.

                Bat sat up again.

                "You okay, Knux?" Bat asked.

                "Yeah, I'm okay, boss," Knuckles replied, "Shit, that was a close one, eh?"

                The van carrying Bat and Knuckles drove away and out of danger away from Zomicca.


Green Hill

Halfa Naval Base  Monday, July 22nd - 4:15pm


                Sonic and the rest of the Navy SEALs were all onboard a ship.  Sonic opened the velcro of his watch and looked at it.  He was in the main hull of the ship.

                "It's all ready 4:15," Sonic said as he flipped the velcro down again.

                He and the Navy SEALs were on board Sgt. Doberman's Marine ship.  On it were all the Navy SEALs, the weapons and vehicles.  It was a soldier transport ship.

                Some of the dog Marines on board the ship were speaking in a foreign language in their headsets.

                One Marine dog turned to another dog and spoke in that foreign language, then that dog turned to Sonic.

                "We had him on the radio.  He started to say something but then we lost him," the dog Marine said.

                "Oh I can't wait any longer," Sonic said worriedly.

                He walked out of the hull and outside where he met Sgt. Doberman.

                "Mr. Samil will guide you," he said pointing to another Marine dog.

                "Oh good," Sonic said shaking Samil's hand, "We gotta get going or we're gonna miss that rendezvous."

                Then Sonic walked downstairs followed by Samil and Doberman.

                Downstairs were all the Navy SEALs, weapons and vehicles.

                "Oh Sergeant Doberman, I just want to thank you for all your help on this," Sonic said to Doberman.

                "I wish I could join you," Doberman said.

                "Well you boys have done it before, now it's our turn," Sonic said.

                Sonic and Doberman shook hands and Doberman said, "Good luck."

                Then Doberman walked upstairs leaving Sonic with the Navy SEALs.

                "All right, check your gear, boys.  All the vehicles, weaponry, personnel.  Let's go," Sonic said.  All the SEALs got up and started checking their stuff.