by Ryan Perreault







Underground Island

Lisa's house - Friday, July 19th, 3234, 4:00am


                There was a beautiful house in the middle of a 50 square mile flat grassy field all alone in Underground Island and on all sides of the valley were surrounded by a forest.  In fact, the closest part of the forest is only a mile away from the house.  That house belongs to the wonderful, famous Lisa Echidna.  Best Sonic furry artist on the planet.  Right now, she was on her computer updating her site as usual.  Right next to her was a sketch pad and an open scanner.  In Lisa's lap was Hogi-san watching her.

                "See, Hogi-san, this is my web site.  It's called Lisa Echidna Artworx," Lisa said.

                "Is my picture in there?" Hogi asked.

                "Oh, I have many pictures of you in here," Lisa said, "Let's look at one."

                Lisa clicked on her furry art link and clicked on the picture of Hogi-san being hugged by Kyle.  The power of cuteness!

                "Aww, is that cute?" Lisa said.

                "Very," Hogi-san said.

                What they didn't realize was that a shadowy figure was walking through the forest.  Soon enough, this strange figure saw Lisa's house from a far.

                "Yeah... payday," the figure said.  It ran further more and out of the forest and it ran to the house.

                Inside, Hogi-san was looking at Lisa's sketch pad with all of Lisa's drawings in them.  Lisa was just checking her e-mail.

                Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door.

                "Hogi, how about you head to your room while I get the door," Lisa said.

                "Okay," Hogi said.  He picked up the sketch pad and ran to his bedroom.

                Lisa left the computer on and she walked to the door.  It knocked again.

                "Hold up, I'm coming!" Lisa called.

                By the time Lisa got to the door, there was a deep voice on the other side and it said, "Knock knock."

                Lisa paused wondering what it was.

                "I said, knock knock!" it said again.  Lisa thought of it as a knock knock joke.

                "Who's there?" Lisa asked.

                "You're worst nightmare," the voice said.

                "Oh!  You mean where I'm trapped and I can't run... " Lisa said.

                "No, not that one..."

                "Oh! Oh! The one where a monster is eating me alive, and..."

                "No, I'm talking about THIS!"

                "Oh, but that's not my worst nightmare by far..." Lisa opened the door and saw that there was nobody there.  She was wide eyed, worried.

                "Hello?" Lisa called.

                She closed the door and walked back to her computer.  When she walked in the living room, she was hit on the head by a book.  She wasn't hit heard enough to put her on conscious.

                Lisa looked up and she couldn't believe her eyes.

                "No!  No way!  It's impossible!" Lisa yelled.

                What she was looking at was another purple echidna!  This one looked almost exactly like Lisa except her eyes were red!

                "That's right, it's me!  Zomicca Echidna!" the echidna said.

                Then Zomicca pounced on Lisa to attack her.  But Lisa pointed her finger at her and Zomicca was blown backwards by a lightning bolt that hit her.

                Lisa got up and faced her enemy.  Zomicca was breathing hard after that hit.  Lisa pointed her finger again at Zomicca, but instantly, Zomicca kicked up her foot knocking Lisa's hand away.  Then she kicked Lisa across the face with the other foot causing her to tumble to her side.

                Zomicca reached in her shirt and pulled out a lightning proof vest!  she was faking the heavy breathing that time.

                Lisa got up but Zomicca instantly did a spin kick on Lisa causing Lisa to be thrown to the bookshelf!

                "You can't escape me," Zomicca said.  She ran to the computer, pulled out a computer pad and typed in some numbers.  Then the computer started flashing red!

                "Ha ha, Lisa Echidna Artworx will soon be mine," Zomicca said.  She turned back to Lisa who was slowly getting up and said, "And as for you, you'll have a nice long vacation in the closet!"

                "Closet?" Lisa wondered, "Okay.  The closet."  Then Lisa pressed a red button on the wall next to her.

                "What are you doing?  Take your hand away from that!" Zomicca ordered.

                "That just heats up the closet so I wont freeze to death in there," Lisa said.


*              *                *


                Actually, Lisa lied.

                "Damnit.  Lisa's house has a break-in," a police officer said at the Underground Island police station.  There was a huge electronic map of Underground Island and the location of Lisa's house was lit up on the map.


*              *                *


                Lisa tried to get up after being beaten and said, "Let me just make one quick phone call to-"

                "No!" Zomicca interrupted, "I am taking over your site!  From now on, this will be called Zomicca Artworx!  Do you hear me?"

                "Loud and clear," Lisa said holding her hurt stomach.