by Ryan Perreault







Feeding Hills

Floating Island - Bat's house  Friday, July 19th, 2:42am


                Lieutenant Bat was watching the news and eating a plate of black ants, his favorite.  He wasn't going to be flying for a while so he had the day off.  There was a news anchor on the television speaking.

                "An unidentified source that the state department has just confirmed that Lisa Echidna, one of the best Sonic and Furry artists in the world, has just been ki--"

                Before the anchor could finish speaking, Bat turned the channel to another news program.

                "Lisa Echidna to whom has no result on this action.  We'll bring you further developments as they occur.  In the meantime, our only source of the terrorist is named Zomicca Echidna who, repeating again, has kidnapped Lisa Echidna and locked her in the closet.  In the process, she has taken over Lisa's site."

                After Bat heard that, he froze in his seat.  He couldn't believe that Lisa was kidnapped.  He thought of what to do.


*              *                *


                Zomicca got up from the computer chair and walked over to Lisa.

                "This is for my own free will," Zomicca said.  She pulled a rag out of her pocket and tied it around Lisa's mouth to prevent her to talk.

                "Now who's in charge?" Zomicca said looking down to the gagged up Lisa.

                Zomicca grabbed the back of Lisa's collar and dragged her to the closet.  Zomicca made some evil laughs walking closer to the closet with Lisa in tow.

                Lisa was moving around trying to break out of Zomicca's grasp!

                Hogi-san took a little peak from the hallway and saw Zomicca carry Lisa to the closet.

                Zomicca opened the closet door and inside, it was full of cloths but enough room for Lisa to stay in.  Zomicca grabbed Lisa from the back of her neck and lifted her up in the air and looked at her face-to-face.

                "Now, you're site is mine," Zomicca hissed in Lisa's face.

                Then Zomicca threw the gagged up Lisa in the closet.  Then she slammed the door and she pointed her finger at the door.  Then three deadbolts appeared on the closet door right above the door knob.  Zomicca locked the first lock, the second lock, and the thrid lock.  She had finally locked Lisa in the closet!

                Zomicca made an evil laugh and she ran to the computer to do more evil things to Lisa's website.

                Hogi-san saw all this and said, "I got to save Lisa, but how?"

                Then he saw that the red button on the wall was pushed, so he knew that Lisa called for help before she was captured.

                "Oh, I hope somebody comes and helps Lisa quick," Hogi said to himself, "She hasn't finished my self portrait yet."


*              *                *


                "Lisa Echidna is still gagged up and locked in the closet as the pure evil Zomicca Echidna is taking over the site.  There is still no word of the condition of Lisa Echidna or the site that she runs.  We'll keep you updated as further information becomes available," the news anchor said.

                Bat couldn't take much more of this.  His finished his late bite of his black ants and got up.  He walked to his bedroom to get ready to leave.


*              *                *


                Zomicca hacked into Tripod.

                "Finally, now to get into Lisa's site," Zomicca typed down a few things and finally got to the main page where Lisa's site had to be updated.

                Hogi was in his room hiding from Zomicca.  Zomicca had no idea that Hogi-san was there... she had no idea if he even exists.

                Meanwhile, Zomicca was checking out Lisa's files.  All pics of mostly her characters and official characters.

                "What kind of art does she have?  And what's up with this file of Lisa singing rap about hating school?" Zomicca wondered, "And what's up with these lame comics?"

                Lisa heard all of this through the closet.  She was pissed off at Zomicca.  She was going to make Zomicca sorry!

                'I hate that Zomicca!' Lisa thought to herself, 'When I get out of here, I'm going to give her the beating of her life.  I know her now, she lives in an alternative reality.  The only way she came here was by using a portal from the past.  I have that power.  All I have to do is get out, open the portal and throw her in.  A certain person can only open pertals to the past once, I believe she used hers already to get here.  When I get out, she's dead meat!'


*              *                *


Pope Airforce Base

South Island  Friday, July 19th, 3:30am


                The Floating Island Navy SEALs were already packing up their weapons, artillery, vehicles and more into the Navy SEALs C-130 Hercules cargo plane.  There were like 40 hedgehogs, foxes and echidnas all dressed up in camouflage getting ready to leave.

                Two weapon armed motorcycles drove through the hanger with a Navy SEAL echidna on each of them.  They rode and they drove up a ramp and into the C-130 and stopped inside to lock them in place.

                "Hey Knux, do you think the Lieutenant's gonna show up?" Mighty asked Knuckles who was strapping a gun car in place.

                "I'll be damned if he doesn't," Knuckles said.

                "Wasn't he called?" Mighty asked.

                Then Sonic walked to the two.

                "Who'd call him?  He quit the job of helping all military branches and decided to only fly fighters for his career," Sonic said to the two, "Though, I must admit, I wouldn't mind having Lieutenant Bat coming along."

                "I took the liberty of giving him a call, sir," Knuckles said.

                "You what?!" Sonic said.

                "Well, he wasn't at home," Knuckles said.  Then Mighty places his hands on his hips and smiled.

                "Then he just might be on his way here, Sonic," Mighty said happily.

                "Nah, none of that," Sonic said.  He pressed his foot against one of the straps holding down the action vehicle, "That looks good," then he walked in the plane.

                Mighty and Knuckles smiled at each other.

                "Oh yeah," Mighty said.  He kneeled down to help Knuckles with the work.


*              *                *


                Lisa layed down on the carpeted closet floor just hearing Zomicca taking over her site.  Then she heard slurping!  Lisa went wide eyed!

                "Mmm!  These chicken noodles are really good!  Yum!" Zomicca mocked.

                Lisa couldn't believe it, Zomicca was eating her noodles!  Lisa stood up and slammed her body on the door to try to get out.  But all she heard was Zomicca laughing.

                "Next time I'll try them with chili thai sauce!!!" Zomicca yelled with an evil laughter.

                Lisa wanted to kill her.  Then she heard the phone ring and Zomicca picked it up.

                "Aw, I'm sorry, I can't come to your worthless little party!  I'm too busy playing Playstation 2!" Zomicca said on the phone.

                A, "What?!" was heard on the other line.  Zomicca hung up the phone and made another evil laugh.

                Lisa believed that she will probably be in the closet for a bit longer.

                Zomicca made an evil laugh again.

                Hogi-san peeked in from the hallway again and saw Zomicca laughing... then Zomicca turned around and her eye caught Hogi-san!

                "What the?" Zomicca said.

                Hogi-san, knowing he was caught, quickly turned around and ran.

                "Hey, come back here!" Zomicca yelled chasing Hogi-san.

                In just seconds, Zomicca caught up to Hogi and picked him up.  She held him far away to prevent him from attacking her or getting bit.

                "Who are you?" Zomicca asked.

                "Lisa told me not to talk to strangers," Hogi said.

                "I'm no stranger, I'm Lisa's kidnapper, Zomicca Echidna," Zomicca said, "Now we're not strangers.  What is your name, little chao?"

                "Hogi-san," he said.

                "That's a pretty name," Zomicca said evily, "Tell me, do you want to see your next age?"

                "Yeah," Hogi said.

                "Then you better keep your mouth shut and not tell anybody about this kidnapping, you understand?" Zomicca said.

                Hogi worriedly nodded his head.

                "And besides, even if you do tell, I have a power upgrader designed only for me.  I can duplicate myself hundreds of times and create an army of Zomicca's.  Nothing can stop me from destroying Lisa and giving her site to me," Zomicca said.

                "Okay," Hogi said.

                Zomicca slowly put Hogi-san back on the ground.

                "Now go," Zomicca said.

                Hogi ran to his bedroom and locked the door behind him.  He crawled in his bed and cried in fright.

                Zomicca walked to the closet where Lisa was in and said, "You have a lovely chao there, Lisa."

                Lisa opened her eyes with rage.

                "Yeah, Hogi-san seems like a nice chao.  If you want to see him again, you just better hope that he does what I tell him to," Zomicca said, "Like not tell the authorities about this."

                Lisa growled with rage, but in a way Lisa already called the authorities before the kidnapping.  Zomicca walked back to the computer and continued updating Lisa's site.


*              *                *


                Locke and Nate Morgan stood by the awaiting Navy SEALs wondering.  Sonic is just pacing around.

                "What's going on, Sonic?  Men and equipment are on board.  What's the delay?" Locke asked him.

                "I'll give him five more minutes," Sonic said to himself.

                "Who?" Locke asked.

                "Oh nothing.  Nothing, sir.  Just a few more minutes."

                Mighty walked out and looked out and said, "Sonic."

                Then they heard car tires in pursuit.  Then a black suburban came to them and it stops right in front of all of them.  The door opens and a black echidna wearing full battle dress uniform comes out.  It was Lieutenant Bat!

                "Well it's about time you showed up.  I was afraid I was going to have to use this," Sonic said to him handing him a piece of paper.

                "What's this?" Bat asked looking at the paper.

                "A presidential degree ordering you back to duty," Sonic said.  Since Bat already decided to be back, he crumpled up the paper and tossed it in the suburban.

                "And you can leave the keys in the truck.  I've got your gear in the plane," Sonic said.  Bat smiled as they both walked to the plane.

                Sonic walked to Locke and Nate and soluted them.

                "Locke, Nate, we're all set," Sonic said as he shook their hands.

                Bat walked to Knuckles and Mighty as they both smiled at him.  Bat shook Knuckles' hands.

                "Knux, how was the engagement party?" Bat asked.

                "It was a little cut short," Knuckles said.

                Bat turned to Mighty and shook his hand.

                "Mighty, good to see you," Bat said.

                "Welcome back, boss," Mighty said.

                Locke and Nate looked at each others confused.

                "Do you know who that echidna is?" Locke asked.

                "No," Nate said as they both left.

                Bat and the rest of the SEALs walked in the plane.

                "Let's go do it," Bat said.

                "Let's do it," Knuckles said.

                Everybody got into the plane and started to close the back bay doors.  A few of the SEALs gathered around him.

                "Good seeing you, Ensign Jack," Bat said to another hedgehog while getting in.

                Bat looked at Knuckles again, "Now remember, I don't have to carry your ass this time," Bat said with a smile.

                "No way, Lieutenant," Knuckles said.

                Sonic snuck in and said, "Captain."

                Knuckles smiled at Bat again and said, "Yes, sir, Captain," Bat and Knuckles shook hands knowing that Bat was just promoted in rank.

                "Captain," Knuckles said under his breath happily.  Bat just laughed.

                "Captain?" Mighty said wondering.  Bat looked at Mighty next to him.

                "Oh what the hell," Bat said laughing as he shook Mighty's hand.

                "Congratulations," Mighty said.

                The bay doors closed and the plane rolled out of the hanger and onto the runway and took off in pursuit to save Lisa Echidna.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, Zomicca was typing on the computer doing more evil stuff to Lisa's web site.

                "Whoa Lisa, this is great stuff I'm doing.  Too bad you're locked in there and can't see what I'm doing to your worthless page," Zomicca said.

                Lisa was gonna kill Zomicca somehow, someway.

                Then the telephone rang.

                "Who could that be?" Zomicca wondered.  She walked to the phone and picked it up.

                "Hello?" Zomicca asked.

                "Lisa, it's Moi-chan, I was wondering if we could go to Mobius Chinese Fooooood," Moi-chan said over the phone.

                "Hey, listen Moi boy, chan man, I'm yoo busy to hang out with such a yellow hedgehog like you!  And besides, it will be pretty wierd for me to hang out with a retarded hedgehog like you!" Zomicca yelled and instantly hung up the phone.

                Lisa heard it all and she slammed her body to the door again with rage.

                The phone rang again.

                "Hello?" Zomicca said picking up the phone.

                "Hey Lisa, it's me, Hood," Hood said over the phone, "I left my Sonic Adventure 1 CD at your house and I was wondering if I could come and pick it up--"

                "Buy another one!  If it's here, it's mine now!" Zomicca yelled in the phone and slammed it on the reciever again.  Then Zomicca walked to the closet and said, "You have pretty nice friends, pretty soon, they'll be pretty pissed off at you," Zomicca said so close to the closet door that her nose touched it, "What do you say about that?"

                Lisa just slammed her body on the door again and she hit Zomicca's nose and she fell on her butt holding her nose in pain.

                "For that, I'll get rid of your Animated pictures page!" Zomicca yelled.  She ran to the computer and sat down again and typed wildly.

                In the closet, Lisa managed to use her tongue to pull down the rag that covered her mouth.

                "Don't you dare!" Lisa screamed.

                Zomicca made an evil laugh.  On the computer screen, Zomicca clicked on the animated pics file.  Then she pressed the delete button and a dialogue box showed saying 'This will delete the chosen web page.  This process cannot be undone.  Do you wish to continue?'  Zomicca clicked on the yes button and the screen showed 'This page has been successfully deleted.'

                "Too late Lisa, it's gone," Zomicca said.

                Lisa dropped to her knees and was now sad that her animated pics page was gone and she was enraged at Zomicca for that.

                "Well, can I at leased use the bathroom?" Lisa asked.

                "What's wrong with your pants?" Zomicca responded.

                Lisa then grew angry at Zomicca for that.  she knew that Zomicca wouldn't let her out for nothing.

                "What about some food?" Lisa asked.

                Zomicca spin the chair around to face the closet and said, "How about you eat the cloths in there."

                "Not even water?" Lisa asked.

                "You've got plenty of saliva," Zomicca said.  She got out of the chair and slowly walked to the closet door.

                "Don't you realize that I am trying to make you suffer through this?" Zomicca said, "I hate you.  I've always hated you.  You were part of the past.  Such a dull place to be!  I realized that there is no more world anymore to be myself anyway I want to.  I want the world to fall under me."

                "Doing that is suicide," Lisa said.

                "Not if you have an army of clones... well, transparent clones," Zomicca said.

                "I don't get it," Lisa said.

                "You see, I came here through a time warp.  I also brought with me in power a power upgrader.  One flick of a switch and I have the power to duplicate myself.  I can make as many clones of myself as I want!" Zomicca said with an evil laugh.

                "I hate you too!" Lisa screamed.

                "Don't hate me, Lisa.  Nobody knows about this kidnapping.  And if somebody does try to save you, my army of clones can destory any soul trying to save you!" Zomicca said, "Speaking of which, incase somebody does come to save you, I've got places for the three of you to go and do some confusion."

                "What do you mean the three of me?" Lisa said.

                "A person is made up of a body, a mind, and a heart and soul.  All I have to do is use my power and I can split you up into those three Lisa's.  Then I'll place them all over the place.  Iff all three don't contact together within six days of the separation, all three will vanish and die.  Siz days isn't enough to save you," Zomicca explained, "and besides, I insulted all your friends.  None of them is going to come over here to save an echidna whom they think is the meanest person on the planet."

                "Friends aren't always the heros.  Somethimes, strangers who feel for a person can be a hero," Lisa said.

                "Even so, who in the right mind would save you?  And how would they even know you're in distress?" Zomicca asked.  Then she turned back to the computer.

                Lisa decided to keep quiet that she already called the authorities.


*              *                *


                Back in the C-130, Mighty was whispering something in Knuckles' ear softly.  Knuckles just made a few laughs after what he heard.  Then Mighty laid down leaning his back on the ramps that were holding the guns.

                "Sleep well," Knuckles said.

                "Thanks," Mighty said as he fell asleep.

                All of the other SEALs were either sleeping or reading books or holding conversations with each other.




*              *                *


                Night was coming soon at Lisa's house.  Zomicca got up from her chair and turned off the computer.

                "That's enough evil I've done to her site," Zomicca said, "Now to get to worl on multiplying myself."

                Zomicca walked to the closet and knocked on the door.

                Inside, Lisa was almost asleep.  When Zomicca knocked the door, she woke up.

                "Hey Lisa, I wouldn't want you to miss hearing my multiplication," Zomicca said.  She pointed her finger in the middle of the family room floor and a small machine appeared.  Zomicca made an evil grin as she saw it.

                "Behold, my power upgrader," Zomicca said.

                Lisa was wide eyed when she heard machinery beeing turned on in the family room.

                Zomicca stuck her hand in a hole on the top of the machine.  With her other hand, she dialed in some numbers and the machine was working wildly.

                Lisa heard this.  Then lights flew through the cracks in the sides of the door wildly.  She was afraid of what was going to happen.

                Zomicca laughed wickedly as she was being pumped up with more and more power.

                Then, the machine stopped.  She took her hand out of it and felt the new powerful strength in her body.  She pointed at the power upgrader and it soon vanished.  Then Zomicca staryed saying a spell that was freaking Lisa out.

                "Beyond the rules and physics of law, more than disgrace and a dangerous flaw.  I summon the power more than the heir of the thrones, I summon the power to give me 12 clones!" Zomicca yelled.

                Then, this mysterious power came out of all of Zomicca's finger.  It grew brighter and brighter.

                Lisa was hearing all of this and grew wide eyed in fright.

                Hogi-san peeked in through the hallway and was seeing all the action.

                Zomicca's power grew brighter and brighter.  Soon, the entire room filled with purple smoke!  Once it cleared, in the room was not just one Zomicca, but twelve others!

                Difference is, these Zomicca's were all transparent like ghosts!  The real Zomicca was pure solid.  Hogi could easily tell which Zomicca was the real one.

                "Zomiccas', welcome," Zomicca said to everybody.

                "Did you get that pest Lisa?" one Zomicca asked.

                "In the closet.  This mission is going pretty well," Zomicca said.

                They all cheered.

                Hogi-san hid behind the hall wall.

                "Oh my God, now I have to deal with many Zomicca's!  Oh I can't do this by myself, I surely hope to God that somebody would come and save her.  There are only twelve," Hogi said.

                Zomicca then pointed her finger at all of them again, then, her power gave each Zomicca, including herself, fully loaded, automatic, heavy killing, machine guns.

                "You know what to do, right?  Keep Lisa in the closet while I continue messing up her site," Zomicca said.

                "But what if we're all shot to death, killed, or disapear?" one asked.

                Once Hogi-san heard that, he knew that those Zomicca's may be transparent, but they can bleed!  He was happy that they were vounerable.

                "Not a big thing.  I can just create more duplicates with just a snap of a finger.  And vehicles and weapons too," Zomicca said snapping her finger, "See, I just sent more clones in robotropolice just for the heck of it."

                They all cheered.

                Lisa sunk down by the wall knowing that if someone does come to rescue her, they will die before they can reach her.


*              *                *


Over The Mobian Sea

Friday, July 19th - 5:45am


                The Navy SEALs C-130 Hercules flew toward the sunrise on it's way to Underground Island.  Inside, everybody has gathered around Sonic as he explains their mission.  He has a computer screen with a map of Lisa's house where Zomicca is in and Lisa's in the closet of.

                "All right gentlemen, we're going in, in three sections," Sonic explained, "Bat, you lead the first section.  I want you to hit the back doors on the south here and here," Sonic said as he pointed to the two back doors, "Clearing the living room and the kitchen.  Knuckles, you have the second section.  I want you to hit the side and front doors to the north and east, here, clearing the family room," Sonic said as he pointed to the doors on the map of Lisa's house on the computer, "And Mighty you have section three for back-up and emergencies."

                Mighty gave a thumbs up.

                Sonic continued, "Move fast, it should be a piece of cake.  Zomicca and Lisa are all alone in the house."

                "How do we know that?" Bat asked.

                "Uh... a calculated guess.  All right gentlemen, any questions?" Sonic asked.


*              *                *



Friday, July 19th - 4:25pm


                In Robotropolice, a cop named Alexa was walking down the sidewalks spinning her gun in her hand.  Alexa is a red fox wearing nothing but boots.

                She stopped walking when she saw a whole group of transparent Zomicca's with machine guns walking through the streets in an orderly fashon.

                She wondered what was going on.  She thought it was a Lisa thing, but these purple echidna's had red eyes and they were skinnier.  She just stood there and watched them as they walked by.  Then she ran to her van which wan't far away and got in the drivers seat.  She started it up and drove down the road slowly taking another peak at the Zomicca's.  They were all heading into a house.  To make it worse, it was a rundown house.  More worse, that house belonged to Zomicca from the past.  they all got in to do some fixing of it and reinforcing it.

                Alexa then believed it was time to leave.

                She stopped at the police station, got out and walked in the building.  Inside, it was completely empty.  She didn't care, she walked in and to her office.  She unlocked the door and sat at her desk.  The computer on her desk was on and already on a calling program.  She typed some things on the keyboard and the speakers of the computer was heared by radio static.

                Alexa took the microphone and spoke into it.

                "This is cop 138 Alexa calling the Floating Island," she said.