by Ryan Perreault







Green Hill

Airforce Base  Saturday, July 20th - 5:50am


                In Green Hill, a baggage carrying cart drove carrying four tows of luggage storage.  Suddenly, it stopped and a whole bunch of Navy SEALs armed with machine guns jumped out of them and they started to run, one of them was Bat.  They all ran in an abandoned trailer with twelve dummies shaped like Zomicca.

                Then they all ran inside and in quick seconds, they shot down all the dummies.

                "Clear!" one yelled.

                "Clear!" another yelled.

                "Clear!" Bat yelled.

                Then Sonic, who was on the other side of the trailer and having a stop watch in his hand, hit the stop watch and looked at it.

                "Hey, not bad, Batty boy.  Not bad.  20 seconds," Sonic said smiling.

                "We can do it in ten," Bat said.

                "All right, one more time," Sonic said.

                Then a jeep drove to the practice trailer.  Out of the jeep stepped Sergeant Doberman.  Sonic turned around and saw him.

                "Hold on, Bat, we've got visitors," Sonic said.

                "Sonic the Hedgehog?" Doberman asked.

                "Yeah?" Sonic said knowing he was Sonic.

                "I am Sgt. Doberman from Mobius Marine Corpse intelligence," Doberman said.

                "Oh yeah, how are you?" Sonic said as Bat stepped to see Doberman, "This is Captain Ryan Perreault, callsign Bat."

                "Good morning, Captain," Doberman said to Bat, "Sonic, can I talk to you?"

                "Certainly," Sonic said.

                Bat turned to Mighty and said, "Mighty, take over.  I want it done in ten seconds."

                "You got it, sir," Mighty said.

                "We'll be right down," Sonic said as they left.


*              *                *


                Sgt. Doberman, Sonic and Bat were in a jeep driving down the airport's road.  Doberman was driving, Sonic was in the front seat and Bat was in the back seat.

                "So what's happening?" Sonic asked.

                "Zomicca's gonna split Lisa into three people.  Her heart and soul, her mind, and her body to make things more confusing for us.  She has taken them out of the closet and the house," Doberman said.

                "Well, where to?" Sonic asked.

                "I don't know.  She could be spreading them all over Robotropolice by now," Doberman answered.

                "That's bad," Bat said, "Sergeant, I assume your people are still planned in Palmtree Panic."

                "You're assumption is correct," Doberman said.

                "I need to get in contact with one of them," Bat said.

                "Do you want to do some reckoning before the rescue?" Doberman asked.

                "It'd be very helpful to us, Sergeant," Sonic said.

                "If I may suggest," Doberman said, "She's announced an international press conference."

                "Oh, of course," Sonic said, "Now that she's got the world's attention, she wants to manipulate the press... perfect."


*              *                *



Robotrop Beach  Saturday, July 20th - 8:00am


                Alexa, as usual, is walking through the streets of Robotropolice.  She is a police officer, you know.  She is walking swinging her gun in her hand humming 'Gangsters Paradise'.

                Suddenly, she saw a car stop at a deserted prison building.  She stopped and just stood there and saw it.

                Suddenly, Zomicca a few transparent Zomicca's got out and they were dragging a tied up and gagged up transparent Lisa.  They all yelled at her to move it.  This wasn't Lisa, this was Lisa's heart and soul.  It seems as Zomicca had already split Lisa into three, heart and soul, mind, and body.  They all dragged her and continued making her move.

                Finally, they dragged the poor Lisa's heart and soul in the building.

                "Move her in... quickly!" one yelled.

                They got her in.

                "Bring in the mattress fast!" another yelled, "Give her to the dogs!"

                They finally dragged Lisa's heart and soul in the prison part of the building.

                One transparent Zomicca walked to another transparent Zomicca and said, "Go and double the guards.  Quickly!"

                That Zomicca then left.

                Outside, Alexa walked closer to the prison only to see the real Zomicca step in the back seat of a white car, and it drove away.  There were transparent Zomicca's all over the prison.

                Inside the car, Zomicca looked behind her and saw Alexa.  She didn't think she was important.

                "Another fox," Zomicca said.

                "Another officer," a transparent Zomicca said, who was sitting next to the real Zomicca in the back seat of the car.

                Alexa watched the car leave.  She stared wondering what was going on.  She then looked out into the ocean and saw a huge pipe running out of the ocean into the prison building.  Right now, it's a school, but with a few adjustments, they added bars and locks to make it a prison again.

                A while later, Alexa drive her van to the police headquarters.  She got out and walked inside.  From far away on a roof of a building, Zomicca was talking to a transparent Zomicca.

                "I don't like it," Zomicca said.

                "What don't you like?" the transparent Zomicca said.

                "The cop place."

                "The police headquarters?  It's always been here.  Do you want us to destroy it?"

                "What about the cop?"

                "Alexa?  She was always here... like the headquarters.  She is a police officer and a friend... we cannot hurt her."

                "I don't trust this cop."


*              *                *


                In Zomicca's house, Lisa's mind was still tied up and held to the floor.  She was asleep.  Zomicca looked down over her.

                "Hey, Lisa," Zomicca said.

                Lisa opened up her eyes and looked up on Zomicca.  In an instant, she got to her feet and wanted to attack Zomicca, but Zomicca pointed her finger at her and Lisa fell back down lying on the floor.

                "I found your friend, Alexa," Zomicca said with an evil smile, "Face it, you wont win.  Oh yeah, and your site is loosing hits and you've been getting a lot of hate mail lately," Zomicca said as she threw down five envelopes addressed to Lisa right in front of her.

                Lisa gave Zomicca a glare in her eye saying, 'I'll kill you.'

                Zomicca then left, she disappeared somewhere else.


*              *                *


Robotropolice Area

Monday, July 22nd - 10:00am


                There was a press conference all around Lisa's settled house.  A lot of reporters were around it.  By the window was Lisa's body held by Zomicca holding a gun to her head.

                "How has she been treating you, Lisa?" one reporter asked.

                Lisa's body, which was not transparent, was leaning out the window.

                "Quite well.  She's feeding me, she's letting me use the restroom.  So I suppose under the circumstances, she's treating me quite well," Lisa said.

                Then, all of the reporters burst through the gate holding them back and they ran closer to the window to ask her more questions.

                Then Zomicca popped her entire body out and she fired a few bullets at the ground.

                "Get back!  Get back!" Zomicca yelled.

                All of the reporters quickly moved back.

                Once so, Zomicca pointed the gun in Lisa's face and said, "If you try to be cleaver, Lisa, I will kill you."

                "That will make you a real hero, wouldn't it," Lisa said.

                "Yes, yes," Zomicca said, "Now you go back to the press but you watch what you say."

                Lisa stuck her head out of the window again and said, "Now, ask your questions, please, one at a time."


*              *                *


                At the Palmtree Panic International Airport, Bat and Knuckles walked out of the terminal and into the building on their way out of the airport.  They were both wearing civilian clothing.  Bat is wearing a beige T-shirt and black gym shorts with white sneakers.  Knuckles had on a blue button down shirt wearing a pair of jean shorts and red sneakers.  Both were also wearing sunglasses.

                "Mister, your luggage please," a hedgehog said, "and the camera's too."

                Bat and Knuckles placed their luggage on the conveyor belt and they handed their camera's to the hedgehog.  Their luggage was being checked through the X-ray.

                Bat walked through the metal detector without it going off.

                "Passport, please," the hedgehog asked for.  Bat handed him his passport and they checked it, "Floating Islander?"

                "Yes, BBC TV, Floating Island," Bat said.

                "All the world's television is here today."

                The both laughed.  Then when Knuckles stepped through the metal detector, it beeped.

                "Belt," Bat said pointing at Knuckles' belt since it was made of metal.  Knuckles took it off and handed it to Bat.

                "Excuse me," Knuckles said walking back.  He walked through the metal detector again and it didn't go off that time.

                "And that's it," Knuckles said.

                "It's okay, it's okay," the hedgehog said, "Have a good time in Palmtree Panic."

                "Thank you," Knuckles said.

                They got their luggage and they were walking down to the exit of the building.

                "Where did you get this stupid belt?" Bat asked.

                "You gave it to me for my birthday, do you remember?" Knuckles responded.

                "I did?" Bat wondered, "Well I hope you like it."

                As Bat and Knuckles exited the airport, they saw Alexa there on the steps.  Bat nodded at her and she nodded back.


*              *                *


                Alexa, Bat and Knuckles were driving down a road all alone in her van.  Alexa was driving, Bat was in the passenger seat and Knuckles was in the back.  Bat's sunglasses were off but Knuckles' were still on.

                "So you're Floating Islanders?" Alexa said, "You live in a beautiful, peaceful island.  I'd like to go there myself one day."

                "It's a beautiful place here.  It's a shame," Knuckles said.

                "You know where we need to go?" Bat asked.

                "Yes, Captain, we're on our way," Alexa said.  Then she pulled out a bunch of flowers and handed them to Bat and said, "You'll need these."