by Ryan Perreault







                Back with Bat and Knuckles, they were all alone and their van was on the side of the road.  Bat was pacing back and fourth as Knuckles checked the engine.  It was smoking like mad.

                "Oh Jesus.  Boss, she's has it," Knuckles said, "We need another vehicle here."

                Bat turned to see Knuckles, but something else caught is eye.  He looked out and he saw a movers truck in the distance.  Knuckles turned around and he saw the truck too.

                "We've got one," was all Bat could say.


*              *                *


                The evening, at Lisa's house in the center of Robotropolice, Lisa's body was still tied up and locked in the closet.  The rag over her mouth was gone but she was still tied.

                Then, the closet door opened and there was Zomicca was there.

                "Here's some blankets," Zomicca said tossing the blanket to her.

                "How about a bed?" Lisa asked.

                "You don't need a bed, you're going to die tomorrow," Zomicca said.  She made an evil laugh and left Lisa and locked her in the closet again.  This time, triple dead bolt.  then she vanished somewhere else.


*              *                *


                The sun didn't show and in the clearing of the ocean was the transport ship Sgt. Doberman and other SEALs are on.

                Bat and Knuckles were laying on the rocks watching them come.

                "Bat, that must be them," Knuckles said.

                "About a mile off shore I'd say," Bat said.

                Bat pulled out a special kind of flashlight and shown it at the ship.  He had it on for two seconds and turned it off.  He turned it back on two seconds later only to turn it off an half a second later.  Morse code.

                The ship turned around and was now moving into their direction.  On the front part of the ship, there was another blinking flashlight going on too, another Morse code.

                Once the ship was close enough to shore, the front hull opened up and once it was almost fully open, the Floating Island Navy SEALs, armed with machine guns, jumped into the ocean and walked the rest of the way.  The water only came to their legs as they walked through.  There were about 40 hedgehogs, foxes and echidnas there.  Each ones a Floating Island Navy SEAL on a mission to rescue Lisa!

                Once they were all on shore, there were a few action vehicles with mounted machine guns and a few motorcycles with weapons on the.  Some SEALs drove the rest of the way of the beach in those vehicles while the rest ran.

                Sonic finally met up with Bat.

                "You okay?" Sonic asked Bat.

                "Yeah, you?" Bat asked Sonic.

                "Yeah, good to be on dry land," Sonic said, "How are we doing?"

                "Well we have three targets," Bat said, "A school in the northern part of Robotropolice beach. That's where Lisa's heart and soul is."

                "You know where that is?" Sonic asked Samil.

                "Is it the one by the Robotropolice Police Station?" Semil asked.

                "That's right," Bat answered, "And Lisa's mind is being held at a dungeon in Zomicca's house.  It's in the center of town.  Knuckles, you know where that is?"

                "Yeah," Knuckles said.

                "And Lisa's body is still being held in the closet of her house," Bat said.

                "All right, we'll have to get that part last," Sonic said.

                "And I drew a map here," Bat said holding out a piece of paper.

                Sonic held out his patch that has the Floating Island Navy SEAL logo on it and said, "All right everybody, get your patches on.  We move out in two minutes."

                Everybody stuck their patches on the left sleeves just about an inch above their shoulder.


*              *                *


                Four SEALs, Bat, Mighty, a fox and an echidna got a zodiac and brought it into the ocean and they got in.  Soon, they rowed down the water and away.


*              *                *


                In persuit, all of the trucks, action vehicles and motorcycles were driving down the night time road on their way to the school.

                One of the drivers showed the 'go right' sign.

                Knuckles, seeing this, held up his fist saying 'acknowledged.'  Then he said, "Let's go right partner."

                Every other vehicle went to the right street while the rest drove straight on.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, in Zomicca's house, one of the transparent Zomicca's walked to Zomicca.

                "Zomicca, get up," she said.

                Zomicca woke up.

                "What is it?" Zomicca asked.

                "They are here," the transparent Zomicca said.


                "The Floating Island Navy SEALs."

                The Zomicca walked  to the closet and unlocked it and out popped Lisa's mind, which was actually a tied up transparent Lisa.

                "Get up... all of you.  Quickly!" the transparent Zomicca said, "You are all coming with me."

                All of the other mulitplicates of Zomicca got up.

                That Zomicca walked to the real Zomicca.

                "Zomicca, get Lisa's mind out of here," she said to her.

                "Okay," Zomicca said.  Then she grabbed Lisa's mind by the neck and dragged her out.

                "Come on, let's move out.  Quickly!  Move your ass!" that Zomicca yelled as the others were leaving.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, the four SEALs in the zodiac has stopped at the edge of the beach at the school.

                "That's the place," Bat said.  They all were wearing scuba diving gear.

                "Good luck," Mighty said.

                Bat pulled the goggles over his eyes, put in his oxygen mouth piece and purposely fell backwards into the water.  The others did the same.  They swam out and away.


*              *                *


                In the school, a few Zomicca transparents' were playing cards.  Then the real Zomicca walked to them.  She just can stop moving from place to place.

                "Is everything all right?" Zomicca asked.

                "All right," one said.

                "Did she eat?" Zomicca asked.

                "She ate and went to sleep," she said.

                Zomicca gave her a pat on the back and she walked through the dark hallway.

                Lisa's heart and soul opened her eyes to see the passing Zomicca pass her.  Then Zomicca stopped and looked at Lisa's heart and soul.

                "Why do you look at me like that?" Zomicca asked.

                Lisa's heart and soul didn't answer.

                "You hate me, huh?" Zomicca asked, "It's your web site we fight, not you.  It's your art works.  One day, I will hack into it.  I'll use a computer virus, and your site and future would blow."

                "That'll be suicide, you know that," Lisa said.

                "I know how to die," Zomicca said.

                "My site is pretty big and very popular.  Most of my friends will recognize that it was you all along and not me.  You'll never even get near my site.  It's protected by a password that changed on it's own by a pattern every week," Lisa said.

                "You'll never beat me.  I'm more powerful than you.  You'll never win," Zomicca said, "And no one can save you."


*              *                *


                Back under water, the four SEALs swam and swam until they saw the start of the sewer pipe.  Then moved slowly to it, using their flashlights to guide them, but Bat is leading them.


*              *                *


                The first half of the squad made it to the gate of the school.  The gate was chained locked.  All the vehicles stopped.  Sonic stood up showing himself, he crossed his arms and he pointed at the lock.

                A hedgehog SEAL walked to the gate and took out some lock pickers and started fiddling around with it.


*              *                *


                The other half of the squad drove all the way to the front gate of Lisa's house.  They stated low and used the other buildings around them for cover.  They all stopped.

                Knuckles stood up and crossed his arms together.  He looked around and noticed they were the only ones around.  Knuckles picked up his phone and put it to his ear.

                "SEAL one in position," Knuckles said in the phone.


*              *                *


                In Zomicca's house, the school and the SEAL positions were all quiet.  The crickets chirped, and they were standing there waiting for more instruction and for the strike of the first four SEALs.  The four finally made it in the sewer pipe.  They were inside and the water level was only halfway up so they stuck their heads up in the pipe and took of their oxygen tubes out of their mouths and took off their water goggles.

                Slowly and silently, they crawled through the pipes with Bat in front, Might behind him and the other two behind them too.  They crawled until they made it to a three way tube part.  They didn't need to go through the tubes, knowing their location was right above them.  They all gathered around and they took off their scuba gear and put on their ammunition gear.

                "Ready, boss?" Mighty asked quietly.

                "Let's do it," Bat said quietly back.

                Above them, there were a few Zomicca duplicates above the serface.  They walked around, talking, unaware of the Navy SEALs in the sewers below them.

                Once the SEALs didn't hear any footsteps, one of the sewer lids opened up slowly.  Once it was fully open, Bat stuck his head out and looked around.  He looked around and then he saw a bulkhead door on the side of the school.  He slowly climbed out quietly so he wouldn't catch any distraction from the Zomicca's.  He got on one knee pointing his gun around.  A second later, Mighty climbed up out of the sewer hole quietly too.  Then the fox and echidna SEALs climbed out too.  They both were carrying a few backpacks.  Once they were all out and at the bulkhead door, Bat got up and followed them.

                Bat grabbed at the handle of the bulkhead door.


*              *                *


                Inside, just outside the closet where Lisa is locked away, two Zomicca's were playing a game.  One of them heard the bulkhead door opening.

                "Did you hear something?" one asked.

                "No.  Only my dice," she said throwing her dice on the table.


*              *                *


                Bat opened the door slowly and Mighty quickly got in.  The echidna SEAL got in too following Mighty.  Then Bat walked in after the echidna, and the fox SEAL got in behind them.  He stayed on the steps pointing his gun at the opening.

                Mighty, Bat and the echidna walked all the way downstairs into the basement of the school.  It was dark and scary knowing it was night.  Bat opened a map of the school and they all looked at it with their flashlights.  After studying it for a while, they all aimed their flashlights up on the cemented ceiling.  Soon, all their flashlights aimed to one area of the ceiling.

                Bat pointed at that area they all got around it, even the fox SEAL joined them.  They opened up their backpacks and they pulled out small ladder polls.  They put them together and made a huge four set ladder with a flat surface connecting them on the top.  They all grabbed one ladder part and moved it to the area where Bat pointed earlier.  They slowly set it down and they climbed up it.

                Once they were at the top, Bat pulled out a plastic bag and opened it.  Inside looked like used up cigars, but they were explosive putty.  He handed some to the others, then they rubbed them in their hands.  After a few seconds, they stuck them to the ceiling above them which was only a few feet away so they reached it with ease.  They stuck them up there like it was putty, because it is putty.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, Knuckles' section was sitting in their vehicles and arming their guns getting ready to spring into action.  It was all still silent as they waited for Bat's section to strike.


*              *                *


                Back with Bat, the ceiling now had a huge circle of the putty on the ceiling right above the ladder.  They all quietly climbed down and they got behind a pole or a part of a wall or something.

                They all knew Lisa's heart and soul was still gagged up and locked in the closet.

                "The goggles," Bat whispered.

                They all put on their night vision goggles over their eyes so they can now see in the dark.  They saw it all green but clearly.


*              *                *


                Sonic looked at his watch.  He and his section is still at the front gate of the school, getting ready after Bat strikes.

                "One minute to showtime," Sonic said to his section.

                He sat in the passenger side of an action vehicle and they all choked up their guns to get ready for their attack.


*              *                *


                "Get ready," Bat said quietly.


*              *                *


                "30 second to blastoff," Knuckles said.  He waved his hand around signaling the section to get ready.

                They all started their vehicles and their motorcycles.  These motorcycles had two rockets in the front, two in the back, two machine gun in the front and two in the back.  They were choked up and they were ready to strike.


*              *                *


                Sonic looked at his watch again and said, "Come on, Bat."


*              *                *


                Back with Bat and his section, Bat held out something that looked like a remote control.  He carefully crept his thumb over the switch.  Finally, his thumb flicked the switch on the control and the area within the putty on the ceiling exploded!  Debris and cemented rocks fell down and there was a huge gaping hole in he ceiling!


*              *                *


                Finally, Sonic's section drove right in the unlocked gate of the school and started firing it's machine guns as they drove in!


*              *                *


                Back with Bat, all the Zomicca's were wondering about the hole in the center of the floor.  Suddenly, four heads popped out and they started shooting their machine guns at them!  The Zomicca's couldn't see well in the dark but the four SEALs had night vision goggles on so they saw perfectly.  As they fired, more Zomicca's fell down dead.  Pretty soon, all the Zomicca's in the room were dead!

                The four quickly climbed up and in the room.  They took off their goggles knowing that the moonlight gave them perfect sight.

                The fox ran out of the room and he saw two Zomicca's running down the stairs in the room he was in.  They fired on him but the fox quickly ducked out of the way and he fired his gun at them.  Both fell dead and tumbled down the stairs.  Mighty entered the room and he saw the two dead Zomicca's.  He looked at the fox.  The fox gave a thumbs up, and Mighty nodded and smiled.  Then they both ran.

                Bat walked in another room.  It was small and there was only one bed.  Bat snuck, with his submachine gun in his hand.  He walked to a door, leaned his back on the side of the wall and opened the door only to see nobody was in there.

                Then Bat heard a gun chock.

                He turned his head to see the bed, and he saw a piece of clothing on the rail of the bed move a little.

                Bat, with silence, slowly walked to the bed.  He grabbed the mattress on the front side and there he saw a Zomicca duplicate under the bed and clearly visible through the bed frame.  She had a hand gun and she aimed it at Bat quickly.  She fired but the bullet hit one of the tubes and it bounded off.

                Then Bat fired his submachine gun at her!  She shook wildly screaming in pain as her chest was massively bloody.

                Bat looked at her again and noticed she wasn't moving, she was dead.

                "Sleep tight, sucker," Bat said as he covered the mattress again.