by Ryan Perreault







                Outside, there was a huge fiasco gun fight going on!  The Navy SEALs fired their weapons like crazy.  The Zomicca duplicates were too, but all of the Zomicca's were dropping like flies!  Literally!  Many of them were shot and fell of the roof of the building.

                Mounted machine guns were firing at more Zomicca's they were dismembering.  The Zomicca's had a few massive machine guns of their own, but they couldn't use them, because the SEALs rockets always blew them up before they could use them.  Basically, the Zomicca's were dying and not one Navy SEAL was hit yet!


*              *                *


                Inside, Mighty opened up the closet and untied Lisa's heart and soul.  Which was actually a transparent Lisa.  Mighty helped her to her feet.  Then Bat came in.

                "Back yard, Mighty," Bat said, "Sonic's ready with the truck."

                "Right, boss," Mighty said, "Let's go."

                Mighty carried Lisa out of the closet and carried her out and away.

                Bat turned around to the other direction and he saw on the flight of stairs a Zomicca!  That Zomicca quickly ran upstairs.

                But in a second, Bat and the echidna SEAL chased her up the stairs.  At the top was already three Zomicca's firing machine guns at them but missed.

                Bat and the echidna fired their submachine guns at the three Zomicca's and they all fell dead.

                Bat pointed forward and the echidna went ahead and stopped staying guard.  Then Bat ran ahead up another flight of stairs.  Already, two Zomicca's fired their machine guns at Bat but missed.  Bat threw his back on the wall and he fired his gun at the two and they both died.

                Bat heard one pair of footsteps above him.  He gave a thumbs up to the echidna, he gave a thumbs up back and he ran downstairs leaving Bat alone.

                Upstairs, one unarmed transparent Zomicca turned on a radio in the radio room.  She looked scared.  She took the microphone and spoke in it.

                "School calling headquarters!" she yelled.

                Not far away, the real Zomicca was in a truck with about a hundred other duplicated Zomicca's when she heard the cry on the radio.

                "School calling headquarters!" she yelled again.  Zomicca picked up the mic. and spoke into it.

                "This is Zomicca.  Don't shout," Zomicca said, "What is it?"

                "The Floating Island Navy SEALs are here!" she responded.

                Not far away from the room, Bat heard the voice coming from the radio room.  He quietly snuck to the door hearing the conversation.

                "All hell broke loose!" she yelled.  Bat heard this.

                "Who are they?" Zomicca said over the radio.

                Bat then walked to the door.

                "The Floating Island Navy SEALs!" she said, "Thousands of them with jeeps and tanks, killing us!"

                Bat took a peek inside the room and he saw the transparent Zomicca at the radio.

                "Where is the officer of your duplicated section?" Zomicca asked over the radio, "Where is Lisa's heart and soul?  You must kill the Navy SEALs."

                "The Navy SEALs are killing all of us!" she yelled.

                Bat slowly opened the door and walked right in.  But the Zomicca couldn't see him since her back was to him.

                "I'll be there in five minutes with reinforcements," Zomicca said over the radio.

                "We can't wait... we can't wait!" she yelled in fear.

                "Hey," Bat said happily.  The Zomicca turned around saw Bat.  Bat kicked the transparent Zomicca out of her seat and the kick killed her.  Zomicca was still heard over the radio.

                "Hello?  Girl... can you hear me?" Zomicca said over the radio, "Hello, what's going on there?" Zomicca now believed that the transparent was killed by a SEAL, "SEAL.  SEAL do you hear me?  I want to talk to you.  SEAL, I want to negotiate.  Do you hear me, SEAL?"

                Bat just stared at the radio and said, "Loud and clear," then he just shot up the radio into pieces!

                Zomicca heard static on the other end while she was in the truck.  She put the microphone away and said, "Hurry up."


*              *                *


                At the edge of the bulkhead where the first four came in, Mighty carried Lisa up the stairs and stopped.  He put her down and Lisa's heart and soul stood on her feet.

                "Hurry, stay," Mighty said.  Mighty slowly walked up the steps to the open bulkhead.  When he stepped out, already, three Zomicca's shot at him but missed.  Mighty immediately shot his gun and all three Zomicca's fell down dead.

                Mighty walked back in the bulkhead to get Lisa.

                One of the Zomicca's was still alive, so with all her strength, she took out a hand grenade, pulled the pin, and tossed it.  Then she died.

                The grenade fell right into the bulkhead and Mighty saw it.

                "Get back!" Mighty yelled.  She grabbed Lisa and they both jumped backwards.  The grenade exploded.

                "My leg!  My leg!" Lisa's heart and soul yelled.

                "Hold on to me," Mighty said.  He carried Lisa out of the way.  He laid her on the ground flat and raised her leg which was all pretty bloody.


*              *                *


                Outside, a balcony, two Zomicca's loaded up a huge bazooka to kill some of the SEALs.

                Sonic, got the truck ready to get Lisa out of there, but then he saw that the Zomicca's aimed the bazooka at the truck and were ready to fire.  If the truck is destroyed, then they can't rescue Lisa.

                Out of nowhere, Bat was a floor above the Zomicca's and he looked out the widow right above them.  He jumped out the window and landed hard on one of the Zomicca's killing her.  Then in a second, Bat slammed his gun across the other Zomicca's face killing her too.

                Then Bat picked up the bazooka and put it on his shoulder ready to fire.  Only he didn't fire at the truck, he fired at a tent where a few Zomicca's were and killed them all in a huge fire ball.  Sonic looked up and saw Bat up there.

                "Bat, what are you doing up there?" Sonic asked, "Drop that thing and get down here quick!"

                "What do you want me to do?  Jump?" Bat asked knowing he was three stories high.

                "I don't care what you do.  Make it fast," Sonic said as he hid behind the truck to prevent getting fired on by the guns.

                Then Bat noticed a wire coming from the side of the building right next to him leading all the way down into the ground about a fifty feet far.  He grabbed it with one hand and had his gun in the other hand.  He slid down the wire horizontally but fast.  As he did, he fired his gun rapidly at the Zomicca's that nearly killed Mighty earlier with the grenade.

                Bat slid passed Sonic and landed on his feet and faces Sonic.

                "Fast enough?" Bat asked rhetorically.

                "Where is Lisa's heart and soul?" Sonic asked.

                "She must be delayed in the shelter," Bat said, "Mighty's with her."

                They both ran to the bulkhead.


*              *                *


                In the basement, Mighty wrapped a cloth bandage around Lisa's bloody leg.

                "Ow!  Ow!" Lisa cried.

                "It's all right, we'll take you to a hospital," Mighty said.

                "Not a local hospital I hope," Lisa said, "Will I ever be able to use this leg again?"

                "You worried, you'll be jogging by next week," Mighty said.  Then he picked up Lisa in his arms again and began to run out the bulkhead.


*              *                *


                Outside, Bat and Sonic ran to the bulkhead where Mighty was.

                "You better hurry, Sonic," Bat said, "I think there's heavy reinforcements on the way."

                "How do you know?" Sonic asked.

                "I heard it on the radio," Bat said.  Sonic gave Bat a confused look.

                "I didn't know you spoke Swedish," Sonic said.

                "We don't get out of here, were all gonna speak it," Bat said.  He turned to the bulkhead door and said, "Mighty, come on."

                Then Mighty came out of the bulkhead with Lisa in his arms.

                "Her leg is broken," Mighty said.  Then he passed them.

                "Hurry, get in," Sonic said.

                Mighty carefully carried the injured Lisa in the truck.


*              *                *


                At the other side of town, Knuckles' section of SEALs came to the gate of Zomicca's house.  The vehicle made it there and six got out, including Knuckles.

                "Hurry!  Move it!" one yelled, "Go!"

                Then Knuckles shot the lock on the gate and it opened.  The six SEALs ran inside through the yard.  Then Knuckles shot off the lock that held the front door.

                Then all six SEALs ran inside and started shooting up the place!  When they stopped, they noticed the entire house is empty.  No Zomicca, no Zomicca duplicates, and most of all, no Lisa's mind.  Knuckles unlocked and opened the closet door and saw ropes and a rag, but no transparent Lisa.

                "The Goddamn place is empty," Knuckles said.

                Knuckles walked to another part of the house to find nothing, but five enveloped letters on the ground.  Knuckles reached down and picked them up.  He saw that they were addressed to Lisa.

                "Look's like she's been here," Knuckles said.

                One of them took the letters and looked at them.  Then he dropped them on the ground.

                Knuckles picked up his phone and dialed in a number and put it to his ear.


*              *                *


                Back with Sonic, he was helping Lisa's heart and soul get in the truck without getting hurt.  Then Sonic's phone beeped, so naturally he answered.

                "SEAL One," Sonic said in the phone.

                Knuckles was on the other end.

                "SEAL Two here.  You know , by the looks of Zomicca's house is empty," Knuckles said, "The house is, I repeat, the house is empty.  Looks like she's taken Lisa's mind away."

                "Well find her, damnit!" Sonic yelled.

                "My suggestions, SEAL One, begging the Colonel's pardon sir but there is a goddamn big city," Knuckles said, "Over two million people here."

                "You know what to do, Knux, find one that speaks English and work on him," Sonic said.  He hung up the phone and went back inside to help Mighty with Lisa's heart and soul.

                On the other side, Knuckles hung up the phone and turned to his section and said, "Gotta find one who'll talk."

                His section left Zomicca's house, but before Knuckles left, he shot the radio into pieces.

                Back with Sonic, they have strapped the wounded Lisa's heart and soul in the truck safely.


*              *                *


                Not so far away, the heavy reinforcements were almost at the school.

                Elsewhere in Zomicca's house, about 15 transparent Zomicca's were sitting in the basement.  Then Knuckles and his section came to them and they looked down at them.  Each were unarmed so they couldn't do anything with the six armed SEALs.

                "Where did you find them all?" Knuckles asked.

                "Hiding in bedrooms upstairs," a hedgehog SEAL told him.

                Then, Knuckles fired his gun and bullets flew above the Zomicca's heads'.  They all ducked afraid to be shot.  Once Knuckles was done, he looked sternly to them.

                "Who is your commanding officer?" Knuckles said angrily, "Speak or you're dead!  Officer!  You?  You?  Officer!"

                Then all the Zomicca's pointed to one Zomicca far in the bottom left corner.

                Knuckles saw they were pointing to one Zomicca.

                He stepped in hand grabbed the transparent Zomicca's neck and said, "Come here!  Get up!"

                Knuckles got face-to-face with the Zomicca keeping his gun pointed in her face and said, "Open your mouth.  Open your mouth!  Mouth!  Ah, ah."

                The Zomicca opened her mouth, and Knuckles aimed his gun directly in the Zomicca's mouth.

                "Not if you wanna live," Knuckles said, "You wanna live?  Live?!"

                The Zomicca nodded her head in fright.

                "Where did she take Lisa's mind?  Where did Zomicca take Lisa's mind?" Knuckles asked sternly.


*              *                *


                Meanwhile, the real Zomicca was riding in a white car escorted by other jeeps.  She was on the phone with someone.

                "I hear you, girl," Zomicca said.

                The girl on the other end was the commanding Zomicca leading the heavy reinforcement heading toward the school.

                "We just received a message from Doctor Robotnik," she said.

                "Did she agree?" Zomicca asked on the phone.

                "Robotnik will welcome you and the hostage Lisa," she said.

                Zomicca was happy at this thought and said, "Good job, girl."

                "You'll be met by Snively," she said, "He'll take you through Robotropolice and on to the Robotnik Empire."


*              *                *


                Knuckles and his section came running out of Zomicca's house, and Knuckles was on the phone.

                "SEAL Two to SEAL One, she's taking her to Station Square," Knuckles said in his phone, "They're on the Damascus road right now."

                Sonic was on the other end.

                "Well go after them," Sonic said in his phone.

                "Yes, sir," Knuckles said, "I'll see you when I see you."

                Then Knuckles hung up the phone as he and his section got in their vehicles.

                "Okay, let's move!" Knuckles said.

                The vehicles turned around and drove away.


*              *                *


                Back with Sonic at the school, the truck was ready to leave.

                "Damnit, it's going to be light pretty soon," Sonic said looking at the night sky.

                "Take off, Sonic.  I'll delay the reinforcements," Bat said.

                "Okay, the you join Knuckles then," Sonic said patting Bat's back.

                "I'll see you at Lisa's house," Bat said as he began to leave.

                "I wont be able to wait for you," Sonic said.

                "Then don't wait," Bat replied.

                "I wont," Sonic said watching Bat walk away.  He tapped Mighty's shoulder and said, "All right Mighty, you stick with the Captain.  Then take my vehicle and meet us back at the orchard."

                "Will do," Mighty said and he followed Bat.

                Sonic turned to the truck and his jeeps.

                "Let's go," Sonic said.  All the jeeps and the truck carrying the SEALs and Lisa's heart and soul drove away leaving Bat and Mighty alone outside the school.

                Bat stopped on the steps of the school, took out his phone and spoke into it saying,  "SEAL Two this is SEAL One, over?"

                Mighty got right next to Bat and said, "So what's the plan, boss?"

                "A surprise party," Bat said.

                "Just like the old days," Mighty said smiling.

                "You got it," Bat said.

                "SEAL One this is SEAL Two, come in," Bat said.

                "I'll prepare us the force," Mighty said as he ran in the building.

                Over the radio was Knuckles in an action vehicle and he said, "Yeah I'm here, Captain."

                "How's it going, Knux?" Bat asked over the radio.

                "That bastered snaked us," Knuckles said as he spat out some gum, "I'm going to go get her."

                "Watch your ass, Knux, okay?" Bat said.

                "Yeah, I'll see you when I see you, boss," Knuckles said as he hung up.

                Finally, the ten jeeps of Zomicca reinforcements is finally visible from the school.

                "Mighty!" Bat called inside the building.  Mighty stepped out.

                "Yo," Mighty said, then he saw the reinforcements of transparent Zomicca's.

                "Showtime," Bat said with a smile.

                "Let's rock' n' roll," Mighty said.  Then Bat ran inside the school following Mighty.

                The reinforcement jeeps stopped at the front of the school.  The leading transparent Zomicca turned back to everybody and said, "No one moves without my order."

                The jeeps stopped.

                "It looks like the Navy SEALs are still here," one Zomicca said.

                "I'm afraid we are too late," the commander said.

                "Maybe it's a trap, looks like an ambush," one said.

                "I don't think so," the commanding Zomicca said.

                Then, something caught their eyes.  They saw two shadowy figures in the distance holding bazookas.

                "Commander... I think you are wrong," one Zomicca said after seeing them.  They were silhouettes of an echidna and an armadillo.

                They both aimed their bazookas at them.

                The commanding Zomicca looked in fright and said, "God almighty."

                Boom!  Bat fired his bazooka and the leading jeep exploded killing the commander.

                Then Mighty shot his bazooka and  he hit the trailing vehicle!  Both vehicles exploded in fireballs.  The Zomicca's were dead worried, but Bat and Mighty just smiled.

                "Attack the school!" one of them yelled.

                Then all of the transparent Zomicca's, armed with machine guns, ran to the school, but they weren't close enough to see Bat nor Mighty.

                Bat and Mighty high fived.  Then Mighty got in his jeep and drove away.  Bat, on the other hand, got on an armed motor cycle and drove the other way so the Zomicca's wouldn't see them.

                The Zomicca's ran to the school yelling getting ready to kill the Navy SEALs.

                Bat rode all the way up a hill and he got an overhead view of the Zomicca's still running.  Bat stopped on the hill.  Then Bat pulled out a remote control that he used in the basement and he flipped the switch.

                All of a sudden, the entire school exploded in flames and the Zomicca retreated.

                The sun was starting to rise, and Bat rode away.  No matter how many, or how much power an enemy has, you must never mess with Captain Bat!