by Ryan Perreault







                Not too far away, all of the Navy SEALs vehicles and jeeps were driving down a dirt path leading into a small woods.  All the vehicles drove far until they came up to another section of Navy SEALs.  They all stopped and the SEALs cheered as they brought out the transparent Lisa's mind.  Lisa's heart and soul was helped up by Mighty.

                "All right, now to put you two together," Mighty said.

                Both transparent Lisa's walked to each other and made one full Lisa only not as transparent as them separated.

                "Okay, we've got Lisa's mind and heart and soul," Mighty said, "All we need left is her body."

                "Knuckles!" Sonic said after he saw Knuckles with a bloody chest, "Hey doc, get out Knux here."

                Some of the other SEALs were talking what was going on.

                "Oh keep it quiet," Sonic said to them.

                One fox SEAL ran over to Knuckles and said, "Doc, bring my bag and the oxygen too."

                Sonic walked to the edge of the orchard and pulled out some binoculars and looked ahead of the Robotropolice Area entrance, where Lisa's house was.  The gate was locked and well guarded by transparent Zomicca's.  The real Zomicca is in Bat's jar, so there will only be transparent Zomicca's left.

                "Look's like they're expecting us," Sonic said.

                "Yes sir," an echidna SEAL behind him said.

                Sonic moved his binoculars around and he saw Lisa's house stranded in the middle of the grassy, cotton valley visible to the burning sun.

                "We're gonna have to find another way," Sonic said.

                "Maybe we could cut through the back fence," the echidna SEAL said.

                "Yeah," Sonic said.


*              *                *


                Around the back, eight Navy SEALs, including Sonic and Mighty, and Lisa's heart and soul and mind crawled under the cotton plants until they came to a huge wired fence with barbed wires.  Sonic and Mighty stopped there and looked through it.

                "Look's quiet," Mighty whispered.

                "How many guards are around the house, do you think?" Sonic asked quietly.

                Mighty looked at the house far away again and said, "I'd say between 12 and 16."

                "Yeah, six of our men," Sonic ordered.

                Mighty faced the other six SEALs and made a scissors clipping sign with his fingers.

                The six SEALs walked to the fence and three of them pulled out wire cutters.  The three SEALs cut the wired of the fence rapidly and soon, there was a big hole cut in the fence for them to walk right through.

                Then, all eight SEALs and Lisa ran low under the fence and still hid under the cotton plants as they ran.  Soon, they were only fifty years away from Lisa's house where Lisa's body was locked in.  Lisa's heart and soul and mind stayed low and behind the SEALs, letting them do their job.

                When they were close, Sonic waves his hands behind him in a sign to tell everybody to get low.  All the SEALs did so.  Mighty took off his sunglasses and each of them prepared their guns, with silencers on them.

                There were three vehicles around Lisa's house.  One jeep, one truck and one armored car.  Each with two Zomicca duplicates in them.  There were also two Zomicca duplicates by the front door of the house.  Each were armed with machine guns.

                Sonic, who was in front of everybody, pulled out his gun and he shot one bullet far and hit the Zomicca, on the jeep,  in the back killing her.  The other Zomicca turned around and noticed her dead.  So Sonic quickly shot that Zomicca.  Sonic's gun had a silencer on it, so the bullets made a soft sound when they were fired to prevent anybody from hearing the gun fire.

                The eight SEALs and Lisa ran to the jeep and hid behind it.  Sonic shot his gun at the two Zomicca's by the front door.

                On the armored car, Mighty and a SEAL hedgehog were already on top.  Mighty pulled out a small piece of wire and wrapped it around another Zomicca's neck killing her on top of the armored car.  The hedgehog SEAL pulled out one of his quills and climbed in the car only to see one transparent Zomicca, and he stabbed her in the heart with his quill killing her.

                On the roof of another armored car, another Zomicca duplicate was shot in the heart and she fell backwards off the car.

                Sonic and Lisa ran from behind the jeep at the front door of the house.

                One other Zomicca on top of the armored car was about to shoot Sonic and Lisa with her machine gun, but a SEAL fox quickly grabbed her from behind and stuck and dagger in her kidney.  Then he pushed her off the car.

                Suddenly, the front door burst open and a transparent Zomicca came running out.

                "What is it?  Come here," she said running down the steps.

                When she made it to the bottom of the stoop, Sonic grabbed her neck and forced her to her knees.  He wrapped his arm around her neck and pointed his hand gun in the side of her forehead.

                "Hold it," Sonic said.

                Suddenly, three Zomicca's came running to them.  But an echidna SEAL shot all three of them in a second.  then one armored car drove to them but Sonic saw that the driver was Mighty.  It stopped right in front of them and Mighty got out with the other SEALs and Lisa.  The echidna SEAL aimed his gun at the front door in case any other Zomicca's came out.

                "You speak English?" Sonic asked.

                "Yeah," the transparent Zomicca said.

                "If you wanna live, talk fast," Sonic said, "Who's in charge here?"

                "The Zomicca multiplicate.  She was one of the first duplicates of the original Zomicca.  She's in the house," she explained.

                "How many other Zomicca multiplicates does she have?" Sonic asked.

                "Nobody," she responded.  But Sonic squeezed her tighter.

                "Nobody!" she yelled worriedly, "She's alone."

                "What about Lisa's body?" Sonic asked.

                "She is still locked in the closet," she responded.

                "Do you have a password?" Sonic asked.

                "Yeah," she said.

                "If you wanna live, then use it," Sonic said.

                The transparent Zomicca nodded her head.  She reached in her pocket, but Sonic squeezed her tightly.  Zomicca slowly pulled out her walkie talkie and spoke into it.

                "Zomicca number one, 'come from the mountain!'" she said, "Maybe she's asleep."

                "Wake her up!" Sonic said harshly through her teeth.

                "'Come from the mountain!'  Come quickly!" she said in the walkie talkie again.

                Then the front door opened and there was a transparent Zomicca and she said, "What?"

                Then Sonic aimed his gun at her and shot her square between the eyes!  The dead Zomicca transparent tumbled down the stairs.  Then the Zomicca Sonic was holding disappeared.

                Sonic, Mighty, a SEAL fox and Lisa's heart and soul and mind climbed up the stairs to Lisa's house.

                Sonic opened to door and there was a closet door in the corner triple dead bolted, luckily none of the locks needed a key.

                Sonic ran to the door and opened every lock then opened the door.  Sonic pointed his gun in there but only found Lisa untying herself.  Lisa's body was not transparent at all.

                "Good morning, Lisa," Sonic said, "Sonic the Hedgehog, volunteering to lead the Floating Island Navy's special forces the Navy SEALs, Sea Air and Land.  We heard about your kidnapping and site hijacking so we came to rescue you," Sonic explained.

                Lisa smiled so happily, she jumped up and hugged Sonic.  Sonic hugged her back.

                "Here is your heart and soul and mind, Lisa," Mighty said showing her the half transparent Lisa Echidna.

                "Thanks, I've been missing it," Lisa's body said.  Lisa's body walked to the transparent Lisa and they formed together very quickly, "Whew, I feel much better now."

                "Do you have enough power?" Sonic asked.

                "For what?" Lisa asked.

                "To float this house back to Underground Island," Sonic said.

                Lisa smiled braudly and said, "You bet."

                "Anything else you need to get this house back home?" Sonic asked.

                "Yeah, a clear sky," Lisa said, "And a restored web site when I get back."

                Sonic picked up his phone and said, "All right, Jim, bring them in.  Bring them in."


*              *                *


                A hedgehog SEAL was on the phone and he waves his arms yelling, "Okay, let's go!  Let's go!"

                All of the action vehicles drove through the open hole in the fence the SEALs made earlier.  If Lisa was going home, so were the Navy SEALs too, that's where their plane is.

                All of the vehicles drove in the open garage that Sonic had just finished opening the huge garage.  After a few were in, Lisa used her powers to shrink them once the SEALs were out.  Then more went in and Lisa shrunk the vehicles some more until the last one was in.

                The SEALs all ran inside the house.  Each hedgehog, fox and echidna ran inside.  Through out this whole mission, not one was dead!

                Everybody was yelling to hurry and get in.

                Lisa smiled as more SEALs entered her house, because she was proud of being rescued.

                Then Knuckles came in.  He was lying on a gurney carried by four SEALs.  They carried him in the kitchen and the doctors did some medical tests.  Soon, all the vehicles and SEALs were inside... all but one actually.

                "Where is that Bat?" Sonic asked himself after looking at his watch.

                "Okay, Lisa, everybody is here so let's wind this son of a bitch up and get the hell out of here before all of Robotropolice shows up," Mighty said to her.

                Lisa nodded and laughed, "You got it," She pointed her finger up.

                Outside, the houses soil around it started to break getting ready to levitate.


*              *                *


                "Zomicca's!  Move!  Move!" a transparent Zomicca yelled, "Go and stop that house!"

                Soon, two jeeps with heavy machine guns with transparent Zomicca's on it drove forward to go after the house.

                Suddenly, out of nowhere, two rockets were fired and two non-moving jeeps exploded killing the transparent Zomicca's in them.

                The other Zomicca's backed away as a motorcycle jumped over the fence and the driver was Bat!  Bat landed on the grass and rode his motorcycle toward the house.

                Once Bat passed the Zomicca's, they fired their machine guns at him.  But Bat fired his rear rockets destroying the last two vehicles and killing the last transparent Zomicca's.  The last Zomicca duplicates were on their way to the house which was slowly up rising.


*              *                *


                There were a few echidna SEALs by the back door wide opened just waiting there.

                "Hurry up, let's get out of here!" Sonic yelled, "Close that door!"

                Then Mighty ran up to Sonic and said, "Sonic, what about Captain Bat?"

                "We can't wait for him.  He's always late!" Sonic said, "I've got to get Lisa out of here and her site up and running again."

                "Okay, here I go," Lisa said to herself.

                The house was now free of it's soil and was slowly moving upward.  Since only one echidna was using her powers to get this house to fly, it will take a little longer than Zomicca who had 12 echidnas help out.

                The house slowly moved upward inch by inch with the back door still open.

                Suddenly, Lisa saw out the window.  She kept her finger pointing upward to keep the house moving, but she saw two jeeps in the distance driving to her!  They were the last of the transparent Zomicca's.

                They started firing at the house.  From that distance, the bullets didn't have any good effect on the house by the time the bullets reached the house.

                "Hell, they're shooting at us!" Mighty yelled.  Lisa kept on trying to move the house.

                The Zomicca's kept on firing.

                Suddenly, from behind them, Bat fired his forward machine guns on his motorcycle directly behind the jeeps and shot down both gunners!

                Bat did a wheelie to get ahead of the jeeps.

                Once he was up front of the jeeps, he fired his last two rear rockets and both jeeps exploded behind him!  Finally, all of the duplicated Zomicca's were all dead!

                Mighty looked out the window and saw the motorcycles heading to them.

                "Sonic, it's the Captain!" Mighty called to Sonic.

                Bat saw the back door wide open.  the house was already too high for him to just jump into.  He increased him speed on his motorcycle by doing some wheelies to get their faster.

                "It's about time for the old Bat," Sonic said sarcastically.  He looked out the back door as Bat was coming at top speed to them.  Then, with one mighty heave, Bat pulled back on the handle bars that he was now flying upward in the sky on his motorcycle!

                Bat saw that he couldn't make it with his motorcycle, so he put his feet right in the seat and jumped of the motorcycle and did his echidna glide toward the house!

                Bat managed to stick his knuckles in the outside basement wall.

                "Come on, Bat!  Come up here!" Mighty called.

                Back with Lisa, she concentrated hard and the house was rising upward faster and faster.

                Slowly, Bat climbed the wall and it was his toughest climb he ever made.

                "Send a rope down to him!" Sonic told Mighty.

                Mighty let down a white rope right below Bat.

                Bat released his right hand and grabbed onto the rope, but it slipped out his hands a second later.  Bat make a few more climbs on the basement wall, then he grabbed on the rope tightly with both hands.  Bat just dangled there away from the basement wall.

                "Ready?  Ok!" Mighty said.  Mighty and Sonic pulled on the rope to bring Bat back up.

                "That's it!  We got you!  Don't worry!" Mighty called down, "Pull!  Pull!"

                Bat climbed up the rope and finally, they pulled him in and Bat was now in the house.

                "Close the door!" Mighty called.

                A SEAL echidna closed the back door and locked it.

                Sonic ran back to Lisa who was still using her powers.

                "Let's go!  Goose this house and let's vanish out of here!" Sonic told Lisa.

                "I don't think I have enough power," Lisa said.

                "We wont have a second chance, give it all you got," Sonic said.

                "Okay, here I go!" Lisa said giving every ounce of her power in this.

                The house was rising in the sky very fast now and it spin in the air and vanished!


*              *                *


                All the SEALs were cheering and Lisa cheering too.

                Bat and Mighty were still in the back room breathing heavily.

                "How's Knuckles?" Bat asked.

                "He's up front.  Doc's set up a hospital in the kitchen," Mighty said.

                Bat slowly walked to the kitchen and he saw Knuckles on a gurney with hospital monitors attached to him.

                "How is he, doc?" Bat asked.

                The doctor, who's also a SEAL, just shook his head slowly.

                Bat stepped up to see Knuckles.  Knuckles slowly turned his head and faces Bat.

                "Boss," Knuckles said to Bat.

                "Hey Knux," Sonic said.

                "We rescued Lisa?" Knuckles asked.

                "Yeah, she's rescued.  She'll restore her web site when we get home," Bat said.

                "Are we going home now?" Knuckles asked.

                "We're going home," Bat said.

                "See you there, Bat," Knuckles said, "I'll see you when I see you."

                Then Knuckles closed his eyes.

                "Doc!" Bat said.

                The doctor pressed on Knuckles heart and he looked at his monitors and said, "There' nothing we can do.  He's going to die."

                Bat teared after hearing this.

                "No, he wont," a voice said.  They turned around and they saw Lisa Echidna standing there.

                "He wont die.  He and everybody else helped me, so now I'm going to help you," Lisa said.  Lisa moved her hands around Knuckles neck and slowly, the computers shown positive life signs.  Then the four bullets that were lodged in Knuckles just fell out of his body like nothing.

                Then Knuckles opened his eyes and he looked at Bat again and said, "As I said, I'll see you home, Bat."

                Bat, while crying, hugged Knuckles.  Knuckles sat up and hugged him back.

                They released and Bat faced Lisa and said, "Thank you."

                "Thank you too.  You're the ones that saved me," Lisa said, "Oh, I hate that Zomicca."

                "Speaking of which," Bat said.  Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a jar.  He pressed a red button that was on it and out of nowhere, Zomicca appeared!  Only this time, Zomicca was tied up and a rag was over the mouth just like how Zomicca tied up Lisa in the beginning.

                Lisa looked down upon her and laughed.