by Ryan Perreault







                "Floating Island Embassy, this is the mayor of Underground Island.  Give me the communications officer immediately."

                "This is the Deputy Chief Officer of the Floating Island Embassy in Underground Island.  Give me the State Department Operations Center.  This is an emergency.  We need immediate access."

                "I am reporting a break-in and hostage kidnapping.  The incident occrued less than five minutes ago in the house of Sonic Furry artist Lisa Echidna."




Knothole Village

Friday, July 19th, 2:10am




                "We have no more information at present to the status of this situation."




Floating Island

Friday, July 19th, 2:15am




                "Floating Island communications, this is the Secretary of State.  I have a priority flash for the Mobius leaders."

                "Yes Mr. Secretary.  I'll put the leaders on the line."


*              *                *


                Sally Acorn entered in the War Room of the Pentagon on the Floating Island.  The Pentagon is a seven story, 3 mile diameter building shaped like a pentagon.  It's the Floating Island's military intelligence center.

                Inside were already Lupe from the Wolfpack, Tikal guardian of the Chao's and Chaos, Cyrus from the Underground Freedom Fighters and King Max from the House of Acorn.

                "Good evening.  Or rather good morning," Sally said as they all sat down.

                "We know we have a major crisis at Underground Island.  Queen Alenna has decided to send the Navy SEALs in the area immediately.  Now what we have to do is work out an emergency rescue operation," Sally explained.  They all picked up their phone and dialed in.

                "Give me Sonic the Hedgehog at Bragg," Sally said in the phone.


*              *                *


Fort Bragg

South Island  Friday, July 19th, 2:20am


                Sonic was at a bar in Fort Bragg, South Island with this hot young lady hedgehog behind the counter.

                "You know, you've got pretty legs," Sonic said to her.

                "Oh come on, Sonic, you can see them from over there," she said to him.

                "Well, I have a good imagina... oh hell, I'm just trying to be nice."

                "Anyone ever accuse you of being too much of a gentleman, Sonic?"

                "Not lately," Sonic said with a laugh.

                Then Sonic's beeper buzzed.  Sonic looked at it.

                "Grab me the phone, would you?" Sonic asked.  The hedgehog handed him the phone and Sonic dialed in a number.

                "Sonic Hedgehog here," he said.

                "Put the Floating Island Navy SEALs on a phase three alert," Sally said over the other line, "Lisa Echidna has been tied up and locked in a closet.  And her evil twin, Zomicca, has grasp of the Artworks site.  Get Saber Squadron and fly to Underground Island."

                "Terrorist area?"

                "We don't know for sure.  Check in while you're in the air."

                "Will do, Sally," Sonic said as he hung up the phone.  He got up and handed the hedgehog some money.

                "Here you go, sweetheart."

                And with that, Sonic quickly left.


*              *                *


                Lisa's back hands were being tied up by ropes.  Then the phone rang.

                "I'll get it," Zomicca said.  She walked to the phone and picked it up, "Hello?"

                "Hi Lisa, this is Alexa.  I was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me at the Station Square burger shop," Alexa said over the phone.

                "Oh, I'm sorry Alsicka because I'm already sick... sick of listening to you!  And stop tying up my phone line, you're wasting my long distance phone bill!" Zomcca yelled as she slammed the phone back on the reciever.

                Lisa stood up, only the back of her hands were tied behind her back so she stood up and ran to Zomicca.

                "You ass hole!  I'll kill you for that if taking over my website is not enough!" Lisa yelled.

                Once Lisa was at Zomicca, she just slammed her fist across her face causing her to fall again.

                "Shut up!" Zomicca yelled.

                Lisa is lying on the ground now in pain.  Zomicca grabbed some more ropes and tied up both her legs tightly.

                "Leave me alone!  What have I done to you?" Lisa asked.

                With that, Zomicca stopped, "Why?  Because you must realize that I'm you're evil twin sister Zomicca Echidna from another universe."

                Lisa was stunned hearing this.

                "Yeah, don't try to fight me.  I'm stronger than you physically and magically," Zomicca said.

                "What do you want with me?" Lisa asked.

                "To get people to hate you and letting me take over your worthless little site," Zomicca said.

                Once Zomicca has tied up Lisa's legs, she walked over to the kitchen windows and closed them, locked then and pulled down the shades.

                Not far, Hogi-san appeared peaking through the side of the hallway opening.  He immediately skipped back and peeked inside seeing Zomicca, but Zomicca didn't see him.

                Lisa then scesed her attention to Hogi-san.  Hogi-san looked at Lisa tied up on the ground.

                "Go!  Go!" Lisa whispered.

                Zomicca looked down at Lisa once she heard her.

                "What did you say?" Zomcca asked.

                Hogi-san quickly snuck back in the hall.

                "Uh, nothing.  I was just talking to myself.  I like to do that at times," Lisa said nervously.

                Zomicca baught it, and she continued closing the shades in the house.  Then Zomicca quickly walked over to the computer, sat down and did some evil things to Lisa's site.

                "I'll put you in the closet soon," Zomicca said.  That didn't make Lisa feel any better.