Lisa the Cyborg

By Ryan Nix


At the main lab of the research wing in the capital city “new knothole” Lisa and Dr. Pincer await. “So why did you call me here” Lisa asked as she sat up on the table. “Well I am curious, when zero introduced us, you told me that you were a clone of a woman named Elisabeth” Dr. Pincer replied as he pulled out some files and booted his computer. “Yes what about it” Lisa asked as she watched Dr. Pincer. “Well I am sure that it is none of my concern but I would like to know how, so if you don’t mind I would like to take a DNA sample” Dr. Pincer said as he pulled out a laser scanner then faced Lisa. “Well I am not really sure… but” Lisa said but before she could finish an explosion destroyed the wall and blocking the exit to the room. A dark figure began to emerge from the smoke. With out saying a word he quickly threw some smoke bombs into the room and knocking out Dr. Pincer and Lisa.


“Uh… what, where am I” Lisa said as she woke up and looked around. She tried to get up but she realized that she was strapped to a chair and everything was dark but one spotlight was on her and the chair. She then remembered the explosion. “Why that is simple, you are at my lab” the man said with a high voice and yet low one. “Who are you” Lisa asked as she tried to break free from the chair. “I am no one you know, but some one Elisabeth might, and I have come to find out if you are a clone,” the man laughed. “What, what are you talking about” Lisa yelled struggling harder to break free. The man then stepped in to the light. Lisa looked with horror as she saw half metal and half flesh with tubes, disfigured body parts and rags covering his body. “Shocked aren’t you, this is what happens if you try and stay alive for many years hiding, of course many things did aid me to keep alive, Elisabeth’s magic, Dr. Eggman’s technology and of course the will” the man said laughing. Lisa just sat there not smiling and watching the man with an odd look. The man then turned around and brought a machine to the light. “I’ll get what I want, and as for what happens to you, I could not care less” the man said as he pulled out an odd looking robotizer. “What do you want from me” Lisa began to cry and moving around trying to get free. “Not from you but from Elisabeth” the man laughed and turned the robotizer on. A bright light began to fill the room, Lisa screamed and then became quiet as the light faded away.


Back at the main lab, “keep on trying, we have to get them out” zero yelled as a group of people tried getting into the burning lab. “Uh, what, what is going on” Dr. Pincer said as he regained conciseness. A beam on fire fell from the roof and landed near Dr. Pincer. “Oh my word” Dr. Pincer said as he stood up and ran for the door. “IS ANY ONE OUT there?” he yelled banging on the door. “Stand back doc, we’ll get you out in a moment” zero said. As the group banged on the door, Dr. Pincer looked around for Lisa. “Lisa, are you there. Answer me” Dr. Pincer yelled with fright. Then the group of guards broke the door open zero then ran in. “doc, are you ok. What happened and where is Lisa” zero asked as he ran up to Dr. Pincer. “I don’t know, I can’t think straight,” Dr. Pincer said as he begun to feel light headed. Zero then helped Dr. Pincer out of the place. “Go in and look for Lisa and any one else who might be in there. Bring a fire team with you” zero ordered. “Yes sir” the group leader responded as he signaled another group to go in.


Hours later, “well, he is going to be just fine. Just keep him away from any excitement for a while” James the chief medic said. “How long until he wakes up” sonic asked. “I am up” Dr. Pincer replied. “John, I am so glad to see you up and alive” sonic said happily. “It will take more than fire to blow out this number 1 scientist here” Dr. Pincer said jokingly then began to cough. “Take it easy, your not to have any excitement for awhile” sonic said as he aided Dr. Pincer. Zero and the rest of the group came in, “sonic, we just heard that no one other than Dr. Pincer was in the lab during the fire” zero said. “What are you sure?” Dr. Pincer asked. “Yup, they just got through putting out the fire and searching the lab” clawers replied. “That man” Dr. Pincer said to himself. “What man” zero asked. “Before the fire I remember that an explosion blew the wall away and a man stood in the smoke” Dr. Pincer said. As Dr. Pincer told them every thing he knew, sonic ordered a massive search. “If the damn chaos knights got to her, we may surly loose this war” sonic said.


After the sun went down, the man filled with joy looked at his computer and kept on reading. “Yes, yes this is too good to be true” the man said smiling. The machine began to open and Lisa stepped out. “Now Elisabeth is under my control,” the man said with happiness. Lisa then stepped into the light, metal covered many parts of her body and some were left as skin. “What is your wish master” Lisa asked the man. “I want the new knothole destroyed and every one in it,” the man demanded. “Yes master” Lisa responded as she flew out of the lab and headed towards new knothole. Minutes later, Lisa began to destroy many buildings using both guns and her magic. People screaming and buildings destroyed made the man laugh back at his lab. “Hold it right there” zero said as the tsunami flew in front of Lisa. Lisa then looked back and clawers saw her face. “Lisa” clawers said with suspension. “What” zero said as he looked and saw Lisa’s face. Lisa then opened fire on the tsunami. “Why is she attacking us” star asked. “I don’t know, but it looks like that we are going to have to land” clawers replied. The tsunami then landed in the middle of burning buildings. Everyone in the tsunami then got out and looked at Lisa. “Destroy them,” the man ordered from his lab. Lisa then began attacking everyone. Everyone tried to reason with her ended up getting an explosion as an answer. “That’s it, I say we knock her out and fix her up at the lab” clawers said. “Ha, yea like that’s going to do us any good, we don’t have the main lab any more” zero said while ducking for cover. “The tsunami has a lab doesn’t it” clawers asked. Zero then nodded his head yes. “Alright every one use any thing that wont hurt her but that will get her down” zero yelled. “This ought to be interesting” the man said as he watched the battle. “Use any thing to get her down but not hurt her he says, how the hell are we supposed to do that” February said to her self. Greensleves then stood up and used a wind wave. A huge gust of wind began to come and knocked Lisa back. Then from behind Lisa star used an ice attack to turn her blaster to nothing more than a cube of ice. “I got it” February said as she jumped up on a rock and pulled out a rocket launcher. “Uh Feb, where did you get that” clawers said as he looked like he has seen a ghost. “Don’t worry about that watch this” February said as she shot the rocket. Zero noticing the rocket; stopped in mid air and yelled “I said nothing that would hurt.” “Whoops, oh well, don’t worry bout it” February said as she did the peace sign. The rocket then turned into a net and caught Lisa in it. “Bingo” February said out loud jumping up and down. Everyone sighed as February acted as if she saved the world. They brought Lisa into the tsunami and headed to see Dr. Pincer. “No, no I lost communications with her. Damn them to hell” the man yelled as he ran out of his lab. Back at the tsunami, Dr. Pincer looked at the Cyborg parts. “Ha, who ever did this was not up to date. He used an old robotizer, I’ll have her back up in a little while” Dr. Pincer said with a smile.


Next day, Lisa then walked into the entertainment room of the tsunami. “He Lisa feeling bet” zero said as he turned and looked at Lisa. He then dropped his plate and everyone looked at Lisa and noticed that she still had the Cyborg armor on. Everyone then got ready to fight. “Ha got all of you,” Lisa laughed taking the armor off. Everyone then fainted and ended up getting rest orders from James. “Hey all, just came by to see how you are doing” Lisa said as she came in the room. “Next time you want to pull a prank on us, make sure you don’t give us a heart attack” zero said as every one had their eyes closed and moved their heads up and down. “We will see, I mean April is coming up in a few months,” Lisa said laughing.


The end =)