It is 3 days till January 1, 2000, and zero has moved off of the little planet orbiting mobius. Zero arrives at station square and rents a room until he finds a home. “Well, just 4 more days… Just 4 more” zero says to himself as he unpacks his luggage. Zero then picks up a photo of him and the rest of his friends who still live in the little planet. “Damn I miss all of them” zero said as he put down the photo. Then some one entered his room. “Hey zero… what ya doing, I have to show you around” the person said. “Oh ok spade” zero said as he walked out of his room. Spade then showed zero to all of his friends. “Zero I would like you to meet my friends, lock, chi, and cho” spade said as he introduced his friends. All of them stop what they are doing and say hi. “Hey… so your new here” lock asked. “Yup… moved here a while ago,” zero replied. “Same as all of us” chi replied. “Well, it was nice meeting all of you… but I have to go unpack” zero said leaving.


Next day. While zero sleeps the phone rings. “Uh… I am up… I’m up” zero mumbled while answering the phone. “Hey zero, its me Lisa… are you going to go to the new years party?” Lisa asked. “Oh yea that… yea I am going there… how about you” zero asked. “Yea same here I am bringing some friends” Lisa replied. “Ok… see you in a few days I guess” zero said hanging up the phone. “Ok, now I need to get ready” zero said to himself. As he took off his shirt he noticed his birthmark began to glow for a while before returning back to normal. “Oh boy...I might have to get more sleep” zero said as he looked at a mirror. Hours later zero arrive at the store. “Hmm I guess I need a couple of these and these” zero said as he threw food in his cart. “Damn… I forgot I have to meet hood at the gym” zero said looking at his watch. Zero then drove his hover car to knuckles’ gym. “Hey zero… how are you” hood said punching a punching bag. “Fine… how about you” zero asked. “Ahhh just like chatting… all ways the same line” hood said as he stopped punching. “Well it’s a habit… so are we going to do this or what” zero said as he jumped in to the ring. “Fine by me… if you want to get beaten down” hood said as he went in to the ring as well. “I think you got that backwards” zero said, as he got ready to fight. As the both of them began to fight an adult came by. “Hey… you still owe me that money from the bet” the man said. “I already paid you” hood yelled as he turned and walked to him. “Not by my record… and who ever dose not pay, won't see the next day…. Hey that rhymes” the man said smiling as he snapped his fingers. Then two huge guys entered the ring. “Uh… you want me to help” zero asked. “Sure… these guys are just push overs” hood said as he lunged forward to one of them and punched him very hard. Hood then kept punching and kicking him, giving him a very bloody death. “Hey… I don’t think we were supposed to kill him” zero said as he dodged the other man’s attacks. “Let me guess… you haven’t noticed the huge robot sign on their heads” hood said smiling. “Huh… shut up” zero said as he looked at the back of the robot’s head. “Shit… I am out of here… forget the payment” the man said as he ran out of the gym. By nightfall zero left the gym and looked back at the gym from across the street. “See ya… at the party” zero yelled as hood walked in the opposite way. “Yea… see ya” hood yelled back. Zero then walked back to his room with food in a bag.

Next day, zero wakes up early and again he notices his birthmark glowing again but even brighter than before. “Hmm” zero said with curiosity. After finishing up some earns, zero then heads to stadium where people come to celebrate the millennium. Zero then looked around and saw Lisa. “Hey Lisa… what ya doing” zero asked. “Looking for some one” Lisa replied looking around. Tails then entered the stadium and Lisa ran after him so fast that zero could not believe it. “Oh no… big mistake” tails said as he saw Lisa coming for him. But then another girl grabbed on to tails and hugged him. “Ahhh let go… help” tails said trying to get out of the girls grip. Zero then caught up with Lisa. “Dang you run…” zero said as he looked at Lisa. Zero became overwhelmed with fear as he saw a dark shadow covering Lisa’s face. Lisa then ran up to the girl and kicked her butt. “Hey… uh oh” the girl said as she was getting beaten down by Lisa. After the fight, tails went up to Lisa, who was too tired to sit up. “Thanks for your help… and I thought you where only going to me to do what you normally do” tails said smiling. “Yea… no problem” Lisa said as she stood up and hugged tails even harder than the girl before. “Hours later zero meet up with every one he knew. Then they all played games until it were a few minutes before the new years. “Just 3 more minutes” spade said looking at his watch. Zero then noticed a glow coming from his arm. “Now I know… its not a dream” zero said pulling up his sleeve. As the time grew near the new years, the glow began to get brighter. “Now this is too weird,” zero said trying to keep others from noticing. It then got so bright that other people began to notice it. “Hey zero… what’s up” hood asked. Zero then just looked around and noticed other people trying to cover up some glows. “3.2.1… HAPPY…” every said yelled but then before they could finish a few people including zero floated up into the air and they began to change. Everyone then directed their attention to the people up in the air. A bright light then filled up the entire stadium. Then the lighting went back to normal and the people up in the air where on the ground. As every looked at them they noticed that they have changed physically. “What… what just happened” zero asked himself. Zero then noticed that his robot arms where back to skin, his cloths has changed, and his hairstyle. Everyone then wonders what happened as well as the others.


Next day, the hospital was filled with many people who complained that after midnight last night they went though physical and mental changes. Zero, also baffled at what has happened to him. He then remembered his birthmark glowing before he changed. “I wonder if it has any thing to do with the changes” zero said to him self as he sat down waiting to see Dr. Pincer. “Zero… Dr. Pincer will see you now” the nurse said showing zero to Dr. Pincer’s room. After a few tests Dr. Pincer told zero as well as others that he had no explanation of what happened. Zero then walked home and acting as if nothing happened he cleaned up his home.



To be continued