by Ryan Perreault







Station Square

Damascus Road  Tuesday, July 23rd - 5:50am


                The sun shown bright, and five jeeps filled with transparent Zomicca duplicates, the real Zomicca, and Lisa's mind were driving down a non-busy road heading to Station Square.  Right now, they are almost in Station Square so they are on the boarder in a dirt road.

                Suddenly, the jeeps just stopped in place for no reason.

                The real Zomicca said to her driver, "Why did you stop?"

                "It's not me, it's her," the duplicated Zomicca said pointing to the jeep ahead of her.

                Zomicca got out of the white car and walked to the front jeep.

                "What's going on?  Why did you stop?" Zomicca asked, "Move on!"

                "Look at him... look at him," the jeep driver Zomicca said.

                Ahead, there was Bat on his motorcycle about a quarter mile away, clearly visible.  He was just standing there sitting on his motorcycle.  Zomicca was pissed off at seeing this.

                "You stopped because of one echidna on a motorcycle?  Move on," Zomicca said as she get back in her car.

                Bat pressed a switch on his handlebars and the front two rockets armed.

                "Move on!  Go!" Zomicca yelled again.

                Bat then pulled the trigger on the handlebars and one rocket shot out!

                Boom!  The lead jeep exploded in a fireball!

                The Zomicca's that were in the truck with the transparent Lisa, Lisa's mind, looked around wondering what that explosion was.

                Bat then revved up his motorcycle and he drove down the road after the Zomicca's.

                "Go back!  Go back to Robotropolice!" Zomicca yelled.

                All the Zomicca's ran the opposite way and all the vehicles turned around heading back to Robotropolice.

                Bat rode past the burning jeep he just blew up.  He rode right through the crowd of Zomicca's.  He passed through two jeeps that they both lost control and the hit each other.  Many Zomicca's fired their machine guns at Bat but nothing hit.  Bat just did a wheelie on his motorcycle to get away even faster.  Bat just rode so fast that he passed everybody a while ago and was now ahead of them again as they try to go back to Robotropolice.  He then skid around and faced his motorcycle facing the vehicles.

                The lead jeep stopped and the other vehicles behind it did to.  The transparent Zomicca in that jeep stopped.  Bat just smiled and shook his head slowly.  He aimed his remaining front rocket at the jeep, and pulled the trigger.  The lead jeep exploded in a fireball!

                Once it was gone, Bat looked behind him and noticed a few action vehicles of the Navy SEALs in pursuit behind him.  He was ready and so were everybody else.

                Bat drove back into the Zomicca action and he used his front machine guns to take out as many as he could.


*              *                *


                With the vehicles, Knuckles saw the action.

                "God damnit!  That's Bat down there," Knuckles said, "All right let's rock' n' roll partner.  Let's move!  Let's move!"

                All the action vehicles drove there to get in on the action and the Zomicca killing and the Lisa saving!


*              *                *


                Inside of the truck that held Lisa's mind, a transparent Lisa, there were only two transparent Zomicca's in there and they were both busy looking out the back to see what was going on.  Lisa got up and was ready to spring into action.  Even though her hands were tied behind her back, she was ready.

                "I'm gonna take them," Lisa whispered to herself.

                Then Lisa ran as fast as she can and with her body, she knocked over one Zomicca and she fell out the back of the truck.  The other Zomicca saw Lisa and Lisa quickly did a spin kick and the other Zomicca fell out the back of the truck.  soon, Lisa's mind was all alone in the truck.  She looked out and saw Bat driving to the left side of the truck.

                "Yahoo!  They are Floating Islanders!  They're the Navy SEALs!  I'm saved!  My site's saved!" Lisa said happily to herself.

                Not far away, Knuckles and his section were driving down the road to the action.  And they shot up many Zomicca duplicates killing them dead!  They were coming close!

                Back with Bat, he rode his motorcycle to the left side of the truck that Lisa is in.  There was only one transparent Zomicca driving it.  Soon, Bat jumped and he grabbed onto the side of the truck and the motorcycle fell.

                Bat climbed, but the Zomicca there elbowed Bat in the face.  Not enough strength to knock him out.  Bat continued his climbing to the drivers seat.  The Zomicca then made a sharp turn to try to get Bat caught under a tire to kill him.

                Bat maintained his balance as he continued climbing up to the drivers seat.  Finally, Bat spring himself up and he slammed his fist hard square into the evil Zomicca's face causing her to fall back.

                What they didn't know was that Lisa's mind, whom finally got out of the ropes, was on the roof of the truck trying to climb to them.

                Bat pounced on the evil Zomicca and started beating her up making her bleed.  Then Bat saw that they were heading for the edge of the street.  He quickly grabbed the wheel and turned it away from the edge, only for the Zomicca to kick Bat out and dangling from the side again.

                She punched Bat across the face again and she continued driving.

                Slowly, Bat got back in the truck and he pounced on the transparent Zomicca again, and started beating her up again.

                Lisa's mind made it to the edge of the truck and she looked down and saw that the Zomicca was choking Bat and they were both starting to fall out.

                "Need a hand?" Lisa's mind asked.

                "Grab the wheel!" Bat said.

                Finally, Bat and the Zomicca fell out of the truck and Lisa jumped into the drivers seat and drove.

                Both Bat and the transparent Zomicca got up and were ready to fight.  The Zomicca charged at Bat, but Bat grabbed her arm and flipped her over his shoulder and smacker her hard on the ground.  Once the Zomicca got up, Bat slammed his fast across her face, again, and again.  He grabbed her neck, by the skin, and punched her in the chest twice.  Then Bat jumped up and drop kicked the transparent Zomicca!

                Back with Knuckles section, a fox SEAL just shot down another transparent Zomicca!  Then, an action vehicle with a bazooka attached to it's top fired and destroyed a truck, no not the one that Lisa's on.

                Knuckles fired his machine gun in the action vehicle wildly.

                Then, the real Zomicca, inside the white car, fired her machine gun and some of the bullets hit Knuckles square in the chest!  The action vehicle flipped over because of Knuckles' weight.

                One hedgehog SEAL was pissed off at this, so he aimed his submachine gun and shot the driver duplicate Zomicca brutaly!  She was shaking madly as the bullets hit her killing her.

                "Move out!" Zomicca yelled.  But she noticed the driver was dead.  She crawled forward into the drivers seat and pushed out the dead driver, hit it in reverse, and drove away.  The real Zomicca was getting away.

                Back with Bat, Bat was still beating on the transparent Zomicca.  He just slammed down another punch on her.  Then Bat pulled out his belt and wrapped it around the Zomicca's neck and pulled on it really hard.  Soon, the transparent Zomicca was dead.

                Once she was, Bat looked out to see the white car with Zomicca get away and stopping at a house.

                Back with Knuckles, a few SEALs pulled him out.  He was still breathing but had at leased four bullets in his chest.

                They laid Knuckles down on a jeep hood, opened up his camouflage jacket and shirt and took a look at his chest.  Suddenly, Bat came running to them and he saw Knuckles lying on the hood almost dead.

                "Oh, Jesus," Bat said when he turned to another SEAL fox, "You know the way to the Robotropolice Area?"

                "Yes, Captain," the fox SEAL said.

                "Then get Lisa's mid out of the truck and put her in our vehicles.  Sonic will be waiting for you in the orchard behind the area," Bat said, "Don't stop for anything, you understand?"

                "Yes sir," the fox SEAL said.

                Bat walked to a parked motorcycle with an echidna SEAL on it.

                "I'll take your bike," Bat said.

                The echidna SEAL got off the bike and handed it to Bat.  Bat got on.

                "What about you, Captain?" the fox SEAL asked.

                "I've got some business to finish," Bat said, "Tell Sonic not to wait for me."

                With that, Bat rode away in the motorcycle.

                They carried Knuckles in the back of the jeep keeping him in the lying down position and they drove away keeping all the blood in Knuckles.


*              *                *


                At a far away house, there was a white car parked on the side.  The real Zomicca, carrying a machine gun, walked to the front of the house.  The door was gone and replaced with beads.

                "Anybody here?" Zomicca asked.

                She walked in to see that the television was on and that the house was deserted.

                She walked around the living room and found nobody.  She walked in the dining room and found nobody.  Then she entered the laundry room and found nobody.  But she did look out the window and she saw that Lisa's mind was being taken away by the Navy SEALs.  They now have Lisa's heart and soul, Lisa's mind, now all they need is Lisa's body on which they are getting next!

                Zomicca was pissed off at this sight.  She put down her gun on the dryer and wiped the sweat off her face with her shirt as she walked out on the front porch.

                But there she saw Bat on his motorcycle right there in front of her.  His left side was being faced to her, but Bat was facing her.

                "Going somewhere?" Bat asked rhetorically.

                Zomicca quickly ran into the laundry and grabbed her gun.  But when she ran out to kill Bat... Bat was gone.  Zomicca expected the echo of the motorcycle engines to fade away and leave her alone, but it just grew louder, then softer.  Then louder.  Then softer.

                Zomicca quickly ran inside.  The sounds of the motorcycle were driving her crazy!  They were coming from all over the place.

                Then, out of nowhere, Bat drove right through the window and inside the house!  Zomicca didn't react in time to shoot him.  As Bat drove by her, he slammed his fist across her face and Zomicca fell over onto the kitchen table and fell on the other side!  Bat stopped his motorcycle in the kitchen.

                Zomicca was sitting on the floor as Bat got off his motorcycle and was walking to her.

                Zomicca quickly pointed out her index finger to him to do some magic on him... but Bat grabbed her finger and crushed it in her hand.

                "Ahh!" Zomicca cried in pain.

                She held her finger and got up.  she quickly leaped forward to punch him, but Bat grabbed her fist and punched her in the stomach.  Then Bat just smacked his fist across her face.

                Zomicca fell over but she fell right in front of her gun.  she grabbed it, but before she could bring it to her, Bat's boot stepped on her hand.  Zomicca grabbed his ankle with the other hand to try to get it off, but no avail.

                Bat then kicked up his foot and kicked the gun away from Zomicca's grasp.

                Then Zomicca reached down in her shoe and pulled out a dagger!  She tried to push it forward in Bat's body, but Bat grabbed her wrist before it came.  Bat then twisted her arm pointing the dagger away from him.  Some bones were cracking, so Zomicca used her other hand and grabbed Bat's shoulder.  But Bat grabbed her other wrist with his other hand and squeezed the both tightly.

                Zomicca finally got to her feet but she couldn't feel her hands since they were being crushed by Bat's iron grip.

                Zomicca was breathing and sweating heavily trying to kill Bat, but when she saw his face, Bat wasn't even sweating nor breathing hard.  Bat used one of his hands and grabbed Zomicca's collar and he lifted her up.

                Soon, the dagger fell out of Zomicca's hand.

                Then Bat flipped Zomicca over his shoulder causing her to fall on the coffee table.

                Zomicca got to her feet and she tried to punch Bat, but Bat grabbed her wrist with one hand and punched her across the face with the other hand causing Zomicca to hit the wall forcefully.

                Once Zomicca looked back at Bat, Bat kicked her across the face with his boot and Zomicca was smacked on the wall again.  Blood was all over the wall in the area where Zomicca's face hit.

                Bat grabbed Zomicca's shoulders and spun her around.  He punched her across the face once and blood started drooling out of her mouth!  Then Bat puncher across the face again.  Bat pulled Zomicca away from the wall and he punched her in the face again causing her to fall on the floor.

                Zomicca slowly got up only to be hit in the stomach by one of Bat's spin kicks.

                Zomicca quickly darted out the house and to her car, which has another machine gun in there.  she opened the drivers car door and reached her hand in the back seat for the other gun.

                Just then Zomicca touched it, Bat crashed through the window that was close to the car.  Once so, he slammed the car door shut with Zomicca's arm still in there.  She yelled in pain.

                Bat grabbed her shoulders and made her face him.  He punch Zomicca square in the face again.  Then he kicked her in the chest two times causing Zomicca to fall backwards in the front side of the car.

                Bat reached in the car, grabbed Zomicca by the collar again and punched her in the face again.  Zomicca fell in the car backwards.  Bat then climbed through the window that he crashed through and walked back in the house.

                Zomicca slowly sat upright in the drivers seat.  She was bleeding all over her face.  Then she heard the sound of a motorcycle.

                Bat rode his motorcycle, out of the building and was getting ready to leave.  But Bat skidded to a stop and looked behind him and saw Zomicca still active in the car.  Bat just sat there and watched.

                Zomicca, reached behind the back seat for her machine gun.  She got it and tried to aim it at Bat.

                Bat just sat there and watched her.

                Zomicca got her machine gun and she finally aimed it at Bat.

                Suddenly, a blue beam shot out of the rear of Bat's motorcycle and it hit Zomicca square in the chest.  Zomicca then disappeared, minus the machine gun.

                Bat reached in the back of his motorcycle and he pulled out a small cylinder and inside was a miniature of Zomicca!  It looks like she is trapped in a jar.  She banged her fists on the jar to try to get out, but no use.  Bat put the cylinder back in the motorcycle and drove away.