Do you really want to know anything about me..?

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Issa me!

Name: Elisabet "Lisa" M (nope, I ain't gonna tell you my last name ^^)
Nickname(s): Lisa, Lise, Liz, Iisha, Misen,... you don't wanna know 'em all, do you? =P
Age: Sixteen, turning 17.
D.O.B: April 28, 1985
Location: Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, the land of the midnight sun. Or something like that. ^^;;;; ***The almighty Swedish proof starts here:***
"Fem getter och en gris. Den allsmäktiga igelkotten är blå, och världen är en gigantisk ballong som snurrar runt i universum."
Hair color: brownish. Used to be dark blonde. Due to an accident in an attempt to color it purple (lalala...) it's now halfway blonde.
Eye color: Mix between blue, gray and green. Green is dominating, though.
Nose: huge (I ain't gonna listen to you! LALALALAA!!) o.x;;;
Height: 156 cm (short, that is.)
Fav food: I think that'd be Korvstroganåff. Or pizza. I prefer 'em NOT mixed though. ;)
Intrests: drawing, playing with my computer, draw some more, draw, draw draw, play video games, surfing the internet (no DUH), being a general nerd, anime, dream, draw, and then draw some more. And singing.
Likes: nice ppl, chinafood, anime, blue hedgehogs named Sonic, sleeping, music.
Dislikes: Evil persons who likes to remind me of how useless I am, school, bimbos, idiots, facists.... er... (except evil people:) beans, war, my nose, and when fate doesn't go my way o.x;;;
Dream(s): Many. One is to become an animator. The rest - pfft!

If you wanna see a picture of my ugly mug IRL, click here or here. But... I'm warning you!! Ó.o,, Oh, right, new pictures as of the 16th of July.

How to contact me:

E-MAIL(and MSN):
ICQ IUN: 39467589
AOL screen name: LisEchidna

Hm? You wanted to read about that little purple echidna? Oh, in that case, click here.

You can send me an instant message here! Note; I don't reply to messages sent to me from here, since I recive them on my ICQ. But if you just feel like dropping a line without sending an e-mail, this is perfect. ^^;
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