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I finally decided to make a character information page. People sometimes ask me things about my characters...and, I've been wanting to make a section like this for quite some time now. ^^ If you're not into self-insertion thingies and you don't find this page interesting one bit, then no one is forcing you to look. Also, my characters' stories has nothing to do with sonic the hedgehog whatsoever. They're furries, some with sonic-inspired appearences, but the "universe" they're living in here is something completely different...

There are different versions of the characters' stories... TTT is one, ArtWorX universe is another, and this page is circulating around the third, which is actually a mix between three storylines. Umm... yeah. ó.^;
So far, there are four bios here; Lisa, Janet, Pyra and Alexa. More to come. ^^;


Full name: Lisa Echidna
Age: Somewhere between 14 and 18. Let's say 16, just for the heck or it. But since her age is based on my age, she should be 17. :P
Species: demonic echidna
Family: Kyaim (stepbrother).
Interests: Practicing magic (ka-BOOM!), playing tricks on people, video games (though she sucks at it), drawing, cooking (with devastating results),
Appearence: A purple, big-busted echidna with a weird, spiky, wild haircut. She's got lime green eyes and nowadays also sports a pair of small, blood red, completely useless dragon wings (not shown on the profile pictures... gomen! >.ň). She's the shortest out of all the characters, except for Kyle and Hogi-san.
Likes: Sweet things, rice, noodles, rain, music, teasing Janet because of her ears and tail, and her school uniform.
Dislikes: being reminded of her non-existant past, beans, tall people being mean, others meddling in her affairs, being torn between what's right and what's wrong, depression, fighting for an unknown cause.
Favourite Festis: Cactus lime.

Lisa in her immoral school uniform.

Birth: Yup, here she is. Ladies and gentlemen - this is my very own counterpart, my main character, the character who encouraged me to create this site. It was probably in in the summer of 1997 or so, when I drew a character in a sketchbook. A short echidna girl with short dreadlocks and an emerald. No biggie, I thought, and forgot about her. It wasn't until later, when I began to chat on the internet with other sonic fans, that I was asked to choose a screenname. All of the other characters seemed to be either foxes or hedgehogs back then, so I thought; "I wanna be an echidna!". Said and done, I typed in a very simple screenname: Lisa Echidna. It wasn't until later Lisa actually got an appearance... a short, purple echidna with limegreen eyes. She's changed through the years as well as I have, but her main appearence is still the same as it was back then.

Story: Best described as a short, cheerful and mostly optimistic echidna girl with a go-lucky attitude, Lisa values her freedom above anything else. Her magical powers is another issue. True, Lisa is a powerful sorceress(demoness?)-in-training, but she's certainly not a skilled one. On the top of that, she insists on teaching herself instead of asking the more experienced sorceress Alexa for help. Not that Lisa thinks Alexa's a bad teacher - she just wants to do it her way. Exactly what she is is sort of unclear. She is a splitting image of the sorceress Elisabet Echidna who lived about 300 years ago, and who was killed at the young age of 18. Lisa never had any memories from her second "birth", but when a couple of tiny, blood red dragon wings suddenly springs out of her back, memories start to flood back to her. It seems quite possible that the same powers that killed her counterpart in the past, are the powers that brought her into the world. Lisa's ashamed of her dragon wings, since she thinks they represent the dark part of her, the part that she is afraid of setting loose. What is even more humiliating, is that they're not even good for flying with, since they're too small.

Lisa does NOT like being told what to do, and she can be extremely choky and big-headed at times. Also, she's got a short temper and a weird sense of humor. She's often troubled by the fact that she was "created", not born, but she hides it under a positive attitude, and rarely lets anyone get under her skin. She's very protective of Hogi-san, and even though she sometimes think Kyle tends to be annoying, she thinks of him as her little brother. Also, Lisa and Kyaim has a close sister/brother relationship. Ain't it just sweeeet? ^_o;,

Wanna read the original story about Lisa Echidna? Click here.


Full name: Janette Kaya
Age: 14 or 15
Species: echidna-kangaroo mix
Family: Father, mother (deceased), possibly a number of younger siblings.
Interests: Singing, listening to music (pop, classical and rock mostly), reading books & music magazines, dancing, shopping and baking (though she's not awfully good at it).
Appearence: A pretty short (not as short as Lisa), skinny, brown-furred echidna-kangaroo with huge ears and a long, crooked tail. She has purple eyes and black hair which is partly pink colored.
Likes: Ice cream, the summer, music (NO, KIDDING?), Rash (god knows why), peace love and understanding.
Dislikes: Rain, homework, getting teased because of her ears and tail, the atumn (cause it rains alot! >.<;;), getting late, PE, biology, spiders and tomatoes.
Favourite Festis: Cassis.

Chibi Janet in her school uniform

Birth: I had worked on a female kangaroo-character before Janet, but I wasn't very pleased with how she turned out... so I reckon the real Janet was born around late 1997 or early 1998. She was something like a filler at first; bearing a slight bimbo attitude and wearing those dancer-like clothes... I didn't bother to give her a proper name, so I simply named her "Janet". Later on when she developed a personality, I began to regret that, and I still regret that I didn't think very long before I named her. In 2000, Janet was given a makeover, for bad and worse. Me, I think coloring her hair was a baaaad move... but Janet seem to like it, so what the heck.

Story: Janet has one dream. She wants to be a star, a world famous singer. But that's a lot of work for a 15-year-old who's still in junior high.
She always felt a bit different. Her father was the leader of a kangaroo tribe, and her mother was an echidna (she never knew her mother all that well, since she passed away when she was just an infant). Given traits from both her mother and her father, Janet got quite a characteristic look. The people of the village she lived in (mostly kangaroos) teased her and thought she looked funny. Janet put up with this for a long time, but when she turned 12, her father decided it was better if she went to school somewhere else. So, Janet moved to the middle-sized city Ryenne, and she soon began to enjoy living there. She got a half-time job at a nearby café so she could earn herself some extra money, and life was, all in all, going pretty good for her. She's currently sharing a dorm with Lisa, and that's not very easy, of course... Lisa likes to do things her way, and that really ticks Janet off sometimes... not to mention she's jealuse of Lisa because of her "more developed body". :P However, they never get into serious fights, and they usually sort things out quite fast. No matter how weird it would seem, Janet and Lisa are still pretty good friends. Janet also has a crush on the one guy she cannot get; Zackarias "Rash" Coréz. She's well aware of that he's a no-good guy, that he couldn't possibly be interested in someone like her, and yet... she can't help hoping.

There is another guy who Janet is beginning to like, though... a certain Chaoz Jamez...


Full name: Pyra Christine Mind
Age: 15
Species: cat
Family: Father (deceased), mother (deceased), younger sister Kimmy (deceased), twin sister Myra.
Appearence: A dark gray cat with blue eyes and long whiskers.
Interests: Reading, painting, programming, discussing
Likes: The atumn, getting high grades on tests, shrimps, poetry, teasing Janet for her ears and tail.
Dislikes: ---
Favourite Festis: Orange.

Pyra in her school uniform

Birth: Here she is, the very first character that came to the world of my mind. Sometime in '96, I was going by train from Stockholm to Östersund (AKA The Land of Darkness). I hate to go by train. Thus, Pyra was created because of boredom, and I suppose that was a good thing. ;) She was meant to be a very quiet character, shy, kind, sweet and artistic. That's how she started out, and that's pretty much how she has remained. Through the years, she had developed a little, but her design hasn't exactly changed... just improved. ;)

Story: Pyra came from a typical family. Her mom was an artist, her father was a fisher. They lived in a pretty big city and didn't really have any problems. However, Pyra's twin-sister Elmyra (nicknamed Myra) obviously wanted something else. She hung out with the "bad kids", often put up fights, and, all in all, worried her sister sick. Pyra, on the other hand, was more of an artist, and kept to herself, painting and drawing. She was also exceptionally intelligent and was far ahead of her classmates. She was never bullied because of this, nor was she avoided, she just didn't get any real friends.
When they were only twelve years old, Pyra and Myra lost their parents and younger sister in a car accident. This was the most tragic event in Pyra's life, but since there were no living relatives, Pyra and Myra were sent off to boarding schools (could be the same boarding school as Janet, but I'm not sure). Pyra soon adapted to her new life, but Myra hated it. She hated it so much, in fact, that she ran off with some of her "buddies" to find another place to live, and something else to do. From there, Pyra's story gets a bit blurry, and I can't quite explain how she ended up on Underground Island. That's a story for another day, I guess.

Pyra's not going to the same school as Lisa and Janet. She's attending a very exclusive boarding school (perhaps university; she's younger than her classmates). In the future, she would like to become either a doctor or an artist.


Full name: Alexandra Sapfo Luminis
Age: 18
Species: fox
Family: Father (deceased), mother (whereabouts unknown), future daughter Claire (and Kyle, in a way).
Interests: Practicing magic, reading, drinking tea (and not just any tea, either!), studying philosophy, showing off her magic to Lisa.
Element: Fire and Light
Appearence: A tall, red fox with green eyes. Wearing nothing but boots. She's ultimately the tallest character, even taller than the male characters... however, she's just slightly taller than Claws.
Likes: Silence, common sense, logical thinking, philosophy, sleeping, teasing Janet for her ears and tail.
Dislikes: Noisy places, stupidity, people who take what they have for granted, misuse of magic, being called "witch", school uniforms, annoying purple echidnas who won't listen to advices...
Favourite Festis: ---

Birth: Alexa is one character I've fiddled around with a lot. She was a lot shorter in the beginning, and a lot skinner too. I had her character planned out when she was about to be created (in '97 or so), but not her species (I was even considering making her a rabbit!)... so I surfed around the net for inspiration. At the time, foxes were really popular on the sonic/furry internet. I figured fox seemed like a good choice, and when I mixed the species with the personality - bingo! - Alexa the fox was born. It wasn't until about a year ago I changed her age. She was originally 16.

Story: When Alexa was only five years old, she was taken away from her mother and brought to the Yana-temple to start her training to become a sorceress. The rules were strict, and poor little Alexa soon had to get used to following them. She was constantly bullied by one of the older students, Tara the wolf, who later became one of her teachers. As time passed by, Alexa advanced her magic skills a great deal. She was far ahead of the other girls in her age, and became officially a sorceress at the age of fifteen. Until then, Alexa had followed Yana's rules strictly, kept her hair long, worn long robes... But at the age of fifteen, Alexa had enough of being a temple-witch. One evening after have gotten in a fight with the principal sorceress of the temple, she cut off her hair, leaving only a lock of hair hanging down her forehead. This act was, according to Yana's religion, a strong offense against the rules, and those who did not follow them were banished. Well, Alexa was sick and tired of serving others, so she didn't mind.
Leaving all of her previous life behind, she set out all alone to continue studying magic. Later on, she met Pyra, Lisa, Janet and the others... exactly how isn't quite clear.

Alexa and Lisa are on friendly terms, but there is a rivalary between them. Alexa is, no doubt, the most skilled sorceress of the two, but Lisa keeps challenging her powers, hoping to win (and that does happen sometimes, though rarely). Alexa's main opinion about Lisa is that she is a wannabe-wizard who needs to know a LOT more about using magic before challenging someone like her. Alexa is willing to help, but Lisa refuses to let Alexa teach her anything because she's determinated to find out for herself how to work out the spells.

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