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The sad story about Elisabet Echidna

The little girl with the blue eyes
This history starts over three hundred years back in time. A young echidna girl was abandoned by her mother. She had the power of magic inside of her, although, she was all alone in this world, alone with all her regrets and with no one caring for her. When the girl had experienced her tenth birthday, a wizard came to her village. He was searching for someone who could replace him in another lifetime. From the moment he entered the village, he sensed the power of the young girl. She hated him from day one, but she knew she had no choice in this matter. She was brought to his home and given a name, Elisabet.

Elisabet was from the beginning a very difficult student, she had no interest in what the old wizard had to say. She did, however, learn to control her powers... or kind of... Her emotions were against her all the way.

Two years later, Elisabet had grown to hate her teacher, but she couldn't escape, he was much more powerful than her. Or, to be correct, she had more power, but he knew more how to use them. On her twelth birthday, she heard the conversation between the teacher and another wizard. What Elisabet heard made her angry and furious. They wanted to take her powers away from her, to back up the wizards' dying powers. This is when Elisabet made up her mind. She had to get out of there. She ran to the libarary, and brought a book to help her get further with her magic. She didn't know what mistake she made, when she picked the large, old book with the torn leather cover with a red emerald symbol on it. She did not know, what mistake she did either, when she stole the green glowing emerald from the treasure chamber. She had no idea of their glory and mysterious powers. All she knew was, that she had to get away. And quickly.

Elisabet ran. She ran for her her life. She could sense that they were right behind her. She felt their auras near, sometimes far. But never so far that they weren't a threat to her. But no one can keep on running forever (maybe Sonic, but he has nothing to do with this story). At least not Elisabet. As the sun started to rise over the mountains, she fell to the ground. Too exhausted to move. Before she passed out, she saw someone standing in the woods. But she couldn't see anything else before it all went dark.A grown up version of Lisa Echidna?

When Elisabet finally woke up in the forest, it was almost noon, and she wondered what had happened and for how long she had been asleep. A red fox was there to answer her questions. At first, Elisabet didn't trust her at all, but when the fox showed her the medallion, she wore around her neck, Elisabet calmed down a bit. The emerald had an ancient symbol Elisabet knew too well. Someone, long time ago, showed her that symbol... someone very near to her. But Elisabet couldn't remember who, she had forced herself to forget about her previous live, just to get adjusted to her new one. The red fox presented herself. Her name was Alexandra... or Alexa for short. They talked for awhile, but then, Elisabet had to continue her journey.

Some years passed by. Elisabet learned more magic from the book... and the emerald became a part of her. She had now shortened her name to "Lisa". She learned more than just control magic, she was now very aware of her power. One day, the old wizard returned. He wanted the emerald and the book, especially the emerald, which now contained Elisabet's whole spirit. But Elisabet didn't give up that easy. Since she now could control a big part of her abilities, she wasn't afraid of going into a fight. Neither was the wizard. All kinds of attack spells flew through the air, but eventually, the old man had to give up. When he escaped, running for his life, Elisabet thought he was gone for good.

But she was so wrong...

Many years passed by. Elisabet had grown up to be a young woman, she was now eighteen years old, and the leader of some rebel-groups. Her magic was well needed, and she used it mostly to help people. The wizard had tried to end her life many times, but he always failed. Elisabet wasn't afraid of him anymore. He was very old and his powers was not the same anymore. Although Elisabet was a very respected leader, she felt so alone. She felt good about helping people, but sometimes... she felt very empty. One day, she was out walking with some of the members in the group. Suddenly, they heard something in the bushes. Elisabet turned around to see... her self! Before she had spoken a word, the other side of herself attacked. It was a much more powerful attack than Elisabet was used to. She fought bravely, but none of her attacks seemed to work.
A very powerful blast ended Elisabet Echidna's life.

Lisa Echidna

And here's Lisa and... eeh... Lisa? Almost three hundred years later, an echidna girl was found in the great forest (no, not THAT great forest... I talk about another one). She was about 12 years old, and she said her name was Lisa. She knew very little about her own past, she said she just recently had escaped from a wizard with bad ideas.
One of the people recognized her from somewhere, but he couldn't remember where. Later, a portrait was found, a portrait of Lisa... but the picture was 300 years old, and Lisa on the picture had blue eyes. Lisa went back to the place where she grew up. The village. But when she got there... there was nothing left. Lisa travelled across the planet to find the answer. She found it on her 14:th bithday. Those memories weren't hers. It was the memories of the Elisabet Echidna who lived three centuries ago. "How could this be??" she asked herself.

The the answer was this: When Elisabet died, her spirit became one with the emerald. Her soul, her heart and all she had experienced - was all in the emerald. When the wizard picked the emerald up, he was hit by an electric shock, which came from the fury of the emerald. he tried again and again, but he couldn't reach it. So he let it be there. The other freedom fighters found Elisabet and buried her body. The emerald was taken care of by one of Elisabet's friends, and when she got old, she gave it to her children, who gave it to their children when they grew up and so on. When the emerld had passed through many generations, it reached a siencetist named Alena. She did some tests and found out that the emerald contained spirit energy. Then she made a test to see if the emerald reacted on electric pulses. Suddenly all the buttons started to blink and make noises. Alena tried to shut the systems down but the instruments did not response. There was a big explosion and out of the smoke, the silhuet of a young echidna girl became vincible.
I'll give you three guesses who this is, 
and the first two doesn't count.

It took Lisa some time before she understood that she didn't have a past. She was furious. However... after all this searching for answers, she did have memories which were hers. The memory of how she met her friends, memories of funny things which had happened during her jurney... And so, she thought, there were absolutley no reason to not continue. "I'll always be searching. I may not find what I'm looking for, but as long as I have a goal, there is no reason to give up. Tomorrow will always be there, as will my future."

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