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An apology for being a slowpoke in comic form can be read here. The scripht for the next comic is done, but it hasn't been sketched yet.

Welcome to Lisa Echidna ArtWorX! This is, as the title of the site implies, Lisa M Echidna's home on the world wide web. And what will you find here? Artwork! And lots of it! We have colored art, black and white art, comics, animated pictures, renditions, character bios, miscellaneous stuff, and... stuff. o.@; The menu's on your left, take your time. ;) When you're done, check in at the forum and post a message... but don't get eaten by the forum people, if possible. .^;; Also, if you feel like it, sign the guestbook on your way out and tell me how you like the site. Comments are always welcome!

So far, about internet travellers has passed through this realm. I got rid of the beseen counter because... well, if you haven't heard, Beseen is shutting down. However, I don't know yet how good this counter works. If something seems fishy, do not hesitate to contact Lisa Echidna, magical schoolgirl of Sweden.

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James Pow (cheater!)
VRDrone, friend of MIG
Eric Muller
The White Wolf
Hacker Echidna
Ryan Perreault
Arrow Echidna
Zero Sonic
Zorro Azul
Yuki Ryu
Michael, AKA "PanamaJ99"
Hood Blah

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Last updated: Saturday, November 2, 2002:Huh? A visit from the dead? But doesn't THAT suit the holiday... o.-,, Ok, I'm alive. Barely. I've got some sketches, but not uploaded. I've got a colored pic or two, but they aren't uploaded either. I've got a friggin' TON of renditions, but they sure as heck aren't uploaded. The reason is very simple; I'm out of space. "So what" you probably think, "Why won't she just delete some old stuff?". Well, for starters, I'm tired of deleting old stuff all the time. I want to have enough space to do what I want, and this is no way to do it. I won't do a proper update until I have moved this site, and when that happens, god knows. Could be in a month or half a year... This doesn't mean I won't feed you people any more though, things will just be progressing slowly. VERY slow. Work with me, will ya? For this month, feel statisfied with these schoolgirls and this pocky eating echidna. Thank you. Thank you.

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