The WhatEver saga

Can I take your order, please?

One day, you decide to take a walk in . It's a lovely day, and the birds are chirping. Suddenly, you hear a snarling noise. You turn around, and to your suprise, you're standing before an/a ! Afraid of the great (and exotic) animal, you back off a few steps. To your suprise, it starts talking to you. " ?" it asks, and suddenly, the creature does not seem all that frightening anymore. You work up the courage to answer: " "
The creature smiles at you and says "Thanks!" before away. You look after it and sighs. " " you're thinking to yourself, "Back to ordinary life then, I guess."

You continue walking, but suddenly, you feel a little sad by no apperent reason. "It's probably just me", you reson, and resumes walking into the local resturant. As your encounter the counter (haha...) you notice all the workers have a picture of an/a on their foreheads. You find this quite odd, but you do not comment on it. Instead, you lean foward to read the meny. After a long while, you decide to have an/a to go. But when you try to order, the counter crew seem to ignore you. You repeat your request a little louder, but you still get no reaction. That's when you notice that they're all staring at your ! Your face goes crimson red, and you shout at them to stop looking. Nothing happens. You figure the poor sods are under some sort of evil spell, so you pick up your magical , and yell " power, ACTIVATION!" The counter people starts to scream and sheild their eyes, but from the heavens, a great and powerful, not to mention magical appears, swinging it's powerful weapon at the evil demons, destroying them entirely. You yawn and walk away from there, deciding to do something else instead. For example, hitting on .

The end... or is it?

Any ideas what might happen later in your adventure can be mailed to ^^;