What do you think? This cute version 
of Lisa was drawn by Dash Echidna!

This is where I store pictures of my characters that other artists drew. Well, I don't wish to brag, but this section got a little big, so I had to divide the pictures into different groups. Artists who've made more than one pic get their own column. This page _still_ doesn't look very organized, but it'll do for now. ^_^

Number of pictures: 177.

Pictures by cooperating artists
TWW_jamez_acid_16th-Bday.jpgOMG, thanks so much guys! This b-day pic is (believe it not) drawn by Acid, The White Wolf AND Chaoz Jamez, and colored by Acid. :D

Pictures by Dash Echidna/Aimee M
D_lisa.jpgLisa, standing
D_lisa2.jpgLisa again.
D_listal.jpgLisa and Tails.
an_lis_dsh.jpgAnna, Lisa and Dash.
wethree.jpg...and the trio returns!
photoalbum.jpgTake a look in the photoalbum!
d_lisaemerald.jpgLisa holding an emerald.
dsh_alexa.gifAlexa the fox!

Pictures by DarK AciD
acid_futurelisa.jpgLisa Echidna
acid_lishead.gifShot of Lisa's head
acid_lisbus.gifLook out for the bus!
acid_futureliz.jpgFuture Lisa
acid_21000.gifWaii! Acid's the 21000th visitor on my page!
acid_acid-hug.jpgAcid and Lisa hugging, because Acid is sad. . *patpat*
lisa-property_of_acid.jpgHey... What the heck--?! .@;;;

Pictures by Hood
h_lisBW.jpgLisa standing (Black and white)
h_sdlisa.jpgLisa standing (same as above, but this one's in color)
hoodlisBW.jpgLisa and Hood

Pictures by Anna Echidna/Vanessa Zucker
anlisa.jpgLisa, sitting
van_lisa2.jpgLisa, again
van_lisbday.gifWhat a birthday gift! ^^
anna_lisa3.jpgYet another kawaii pic of Lisa

Pictures by Mio-chan/Mioshi
Mi_lis.jpg(Black and white) Lisa waving.
mi_liscolor.gifLisa waving (color version)
mi_miolis.gifLisa and Mioshi

Pictures by Gaz
gazlis.jpgLisa standing
gazlis2.jpgLisa, again.

Pictures by Golden Star
goldenstar_lisasummer.gifSummer pic of Lisa, having a drink.
secretadmirer.jpgLisa, wondering about her secret admirer... hm! ^^
secretadmirer2.gifLisa at a christmastree.
goldenstar_lisaangel.jpgLisa as an angel... aww. ^^
goldenstar_lisaangelcolor.jpgSame pic as above; only, this time in color!
goldenstar_schooluniforms.jpg"Golden Star" and Lisa wearing school uniforms.
goldenstar_wingssml.jpgArendil embracing Lisa... this is the final version, the first was removed on artist's request.

Pictures by Jay Charmy
lisa_jc.jpgLisa standing.
lisa_jc2.gifLisa again.

Pictures by Esprit
esprit_lisa2.jpgLisa, again

Pictures by Samy !NEW!
samy_lisa.jpgLisa holding her emerald
samy_lisa2.jpgLisa, again
samy_lisa3.jpgLisa with a big pencil
samy_lisa4.jpgLisa, wearing a space outfit
samy_lisbday.jpgA birthday pic with Samy, Lisa and Janet
samy_sailorlisa.jpgSailor Lisa! :D
samy_lishogi.jpgLisa and Hogi... aww! ^^
samy_lisazxd.jpgLisa posing
samy_lisknuxrouge.jpgLisa in SA2? Hmm... ^^,,
samy_lisaspring.jpgSpring pic, starring Lisa.
samy_gina.jpgGina Cheetah.
samy_kawaiixmaspic.jpgThis has got to be the ultimate x-mas pic! ^^ KAWAII!
samy_lisaangel.jpgLisa as angel.
samy_lisaholidays.jpgLisa as a human. ^^;
samy_lisaxmas.jpgChristmas Lisa, looking mischevious. ^^;
samy_samylisalittle.jpgSD Lisa and Samy.
samy_salisa.jpgLisa, Sonic Adventure style.
samy_schoollisa.jpgLisa, wearing a school uniform... and Samy in the corner. ^^;;
samy_lisakawaiihuman.jpgLisa as a kawaii human.
samy_lisaskirt.jpgLiz again, wearing a skirt.
samy_lisskirtcolor.jpgColored version of the pic above.
samy_amylisasamy.jpgAmy Rose, Lisa and Samy.
samy_lisaschool.jpgLisa, ready for school!

Pictures by Chaoz Jamez
jamie_jamlis.gifJamie and Lisa, hugging
jamie_jamliscellphone.gifJamie and Lisa talking via cellphones... tehe ^^
jamez_omnichao.jpg"D*mn the omnichao!" ^_^
jamez_lisachao.jpgLisa with a chao
jamez_dontgothere.jpgJamez, dreaming of.. hey, why you-! .@;; *SLAP!*
jamez_lisarose.jpgNever fear! Lisa Rose is here!
jamez_jamlischao.jpgAw! ^.^ Lisa and Jamez as chao! Uppah uppah! Bwah!
jamez_janetrouge.jpgJanet, dressed up as Rouge from SA2. She doesn't look very happy about it... ^^
jamez_lisjamsa2.jpgSA2 pic! Jamez and Lisa as Shadow and Sonic... Chaos Control!
jamez_jamjanet.jpgJamez and Janet hugging.
jamez_festis.jpgWho needs alcohol when you've got Festis? Based on a true story.
jamez_lisasad.jpg120 000 000 miles apart... -_-
jamez_lisasadcol.jpgColored version of Lisa from the pic above.
jamez_babyjamjan.jpgJamez and Janet as babies. ^.^
jamez_lisarun.jpgRL-Lisa (as a human), running away from some badnicks. Run, forrest, run! ^^
jamez_moonatomizer.jpgThis is the way it goes every time we're out on PSO... .X;; QUIT DYING!
jamez_jamischao2.jpgHero and Dark chao. ^^
jamez_kissing.jpgJamez and Janet kissing... aww! ^^
jamez_bikinilisa.jpgLisa, wearing a bikini. Hrmm... .O,, PG.
jamez_kryptonite.jpgKryptonite... a song pic with Lisa and Jamez.
jamez_backtoschool.jpgI don't get it... how can you hate those school uniforms?! ^.^
jamez_lisagraffiti.jpgI'm a baaaaaaaad girl... ;)
jamez_lisaasrouge.jpgLisa as Rouge... Jamez, you are evil. x.x;;;
jamez_lovelisa.jpgI drew a little pic for Jamez when he was feeling down, and then he did the same for me. <:) Thanks loads, pal.

Pictures by David Fox
lisa_jenfox.jpgx-mas pic of Lisa
davidfox_lisa.jpgLisa again
davidfox_lisacom.jpgLisa wearing a blue jacket

Pictures by VRdrone
vrdrone_lisbday.gifBirthday pic; Lisa and VRdrone

Pictures by Suzie Echidna
suzie_x-maslisa.gifA christmaspic with Lisa, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Suzie.
suzie_lisbday.gifBirthday picture with the same crew as above, plus some flesh-eating chao. ^_^

Pictures by Emily McCann, AKA MS2
MS2_lisa.jpgLisa, holding a gigant pencil... O.^,.
MS2_lisbday.jpgBirthday pic with Lisa and MS2

Pictures by Kiwi Wolf
kiwiwolf_lisahead.jpgPicture of Lisa's head
kiwiwolf_disagreement.jpgA "slight" disagreemnt...
kiwiwolf_lisabrickwall.jpgLisa sitting on a brickwall
kiwiwolf_lillisa.jpgLisa meets her younger self
kiwiwolf_kyaim.jpgKyaaaiiiiim! ^^ Sitting on a rock. Exchange pic.
kiwi_janetsketch.jpgSketch of Janet.
kiwi_snowylisa.jpgLisa, walking in the snow.
kiwi_xmas.jpgKawaii christmas pic with Kyaim, Lisa and Janet.
kiwi_lisadraw.jpgLisa drawing. Hmm. Deja v... ;)
kiwi_anuddakyaim.jpgCute, cute, CUUTE pic of Kyaim! Woot! ^.^

Pictures by Ducky
ducky_lisahead.jpgPicture of Lisa's head
ducky_drink.jpgFurries waiting in line for a drink... Lisa's among them.
ducky_costume.jpgSwitching costumes...
ducky_lisaaction.jpgA manipulated screenshot; Lisa the action figure!
ducky_flower.gifDucky giving Lisa a flower
ducky_maze.jpgWho's smarter? The rat or the duck? ^^;;

Pictures by Lil Ass Kicking Dude
lakd_lisatalk.jpgI talk too much. o.O,,
lakd_lisac.jpgOk MIG, you're in DEEP trouble now! .;;
lakd_dbzforum.jpgDragonball Z, forum style!

Pictures by Ayelet Ripley
ayeletriply_lisasit.jpgLisa sitting
ayeletriply_lisaleo.jpgLisa in an interesting outfit

Pictures by White Wolf
vitvargen_lisalain.jpgLisa, dressed up in Lain Iwakura's bear costume. o.O,,
vitvargen_lisarouge.jpgLisa, wacking Rouge in the head. ^-^

Pictures by Kimm-Ly
kimmly_lisastand.jpgLisa, standing
kimmly_kimnlisa.jpgKim and Lisa
kimmly_lisalisa.jpgLisa and Elisabet

Pictures by Nadia D Echidna
nad_lisanadia.jpgLisa and Nadia

Pictures by Zero Sonic
zero_LisaMio.gifLisa and Mio-chan drawn together by Zero Sonic
zero_lisazero.jpgLisa and Zero in the park

Pictures by M Lock !NEW!
mlock_onilisa.jpgLisa, dressed up like Oni.
mlock_steellisa.jpgSteel and Lisa. Um... niiice pic. ^_^;;
mlock_alexmas.jpgChristmas pic with Alexa.
mlock_gabriellisa.jpgLisa meets Gabriel. ^^;

Pictures by Amy-Ra G Spine
RAspine_pyra.jpgPyra sitting.
RAspine_lisa.jpgLisa standing. She looks... happy. o.O;

Pictures by Sabiss
sabiss_lisa.jpgLisa by Sabiss the blade-spirit.
sabiss_fellowship.jpgThe fellowship of the board!

Pictures by MIG
mig_anatomy.gif"It's just anatomy, it's just anatomy...!" forum pic, rated PG. By MIG.
mig_forumcountries.jpgForum pic. It doesn't matter where you're from...

Pictures by various artists !NEW!
wlisa.jpgLisa by Weasel Woman
lisa_2.jpgLisa by BlackReign
erinlisa.jpgLisa by ErinV
amerzlis.gifLisa by Amerz-ChaN
psyclawz.gifClaws drawn by Psycho
altha_lis.jpgLisa by Allytha Gryphon
vil_lis.jpgLisa by Vil Van Berry
mic_lisa.jpgLisa by Mimic the moonrat
hai_lis.jpgLisa by Haitaku
mel_lisa.jpgLisa by Mellie
yukiRyo_LISA.gifLisa drawn By Yuki Ryo
cosmo_lisbday.jpgA b-day pic by Cosmo
7thking_lisbday.JPG...7th king didn't forget my b-day either!
kam_lisa.jpgLisa Echidna by Kam
AlexaRon.jpgAlexa the fox by Ron
timfewell_kyaim.jpgKyaim by Tim Fewell
erinthweatt_lisa.jpgLisa in a school uniform by Erin Thweatt
peter_lisa3d.jpg3d model of Lisa's head, by Peter
jessi_lisa.jpgLisa by Jessi
roumor_lisphnx.jpgLisa, Blaze and Phoenica, by Roumor Echidna
jamespow_lisa.jpgLisa by JamesPow
mattpage_lisahogi.jpgExchange pic by Matt Page; Lisa and Hogi-san.
ami_lisa.jpgExchange pic; Lisa by Ami hedgehog
comtonwallace_lisa.jpgLisa by Camron Wallace
sonick_lisa.jpgLisa by SonicK.
foxleeswift_eliaskyaim.gifKyaim and Prince Elias, by Fox Lee Swift
sonitweek_kyaim.jpgKyaim by SoniTweek
markechidna_lisamark.jpgLisa and Mark, looking matrix-like. ^^ By Mark Echidna.
diana_gifttolisa.jpgGift pic of Lisa... by (the amazing) Diana. ^-^
Vsupershady_lisa.jpgChibi Lisa... by VSuperShady
jack_lisauniform.jpgLisa and another guy (perhaps Jack?) in school uniforms. By Jack.
JonasLauritzen_schooluniforms.jpgThe reason why Denmark's not using school uniforms. By Jonas Lauritzen.
randyhedgehog_lisa.jpgLisa by Randy Hedgehog
ginzin_furfighters.jpgLisa and GinZin in FurFighters. ^^ By GinZin Dragon.
natashi_lisasit.jpgLisa sitting. By Natashi.
jena_jenalisa.jpgJena and Lisa. By Jena.
donmarx_zomicca.jpgVery cool pic of Zomicca. By DonMarx.
joxx_lisarevenge.jpgSweet, sweet revenge. By Joxx.
hakira_realwings.jpgAnd the wings are now avalible in the shop! j/k. Pic by Hakira.
rathy_janet.jpgJanet by Rathy.
mechaspaz_lisainbg.jpgSpaz and Lisa by Mecha Dreamscape Spaz.
meg_kyaim.jpgKyaim by Meg
zach_lisabday.jpgBirthday pic of Lisa by Zach the hedgehog

Thanks to all of you who drew the pictures!

This page was made by: Lisa Echidna. All characters appearing on this page are © their respective owners. I didn't draw a thing in this section. ^^