Gallery five

This page contains the newest furry pictures on the page right now. There's not much else to say about the art right now, except I'm working both with photoshop and watercolors nowadays. My characters and my artstyle has envolved, and so have I. But even though the art style may change, I will always try to keep my ratings around G or PG13. I'm not into those blood/gore/senseless violence-pics. .-,

Currently archiving. In this gallery, new pics are at the top, older ones at the bottom. Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

April 2002

This is the first b-day picture I've done in ages. o.O; Happy birthday, Jamez! Lisa and Janet © me, Jamez © himself.
I did it again! ^____^ This time, somebody simply MUST beat me up! I'm asking for it! I DESERVE it! :D Sonic and Knuckles (cuties!) © SEGA. Man, they should sue me! They really should!

March 2002

Easter picture of 2002. .^; Er... no, I'm not confusing this holiday with halloween... let's just say we've got strange easter traditions in Sweden. Lisa © me.
I don't really like Rouge... so I forced myself to draw a picture of her, hoping that it would make me like at least a little. Sorry, but if anything, it made me dislike her more. Plus her head looks like a ball. This awful thing is © Sega.
I really should draw more pics of the almighty 'hog. .^;; What kind of fan am I?? Sonic © Sega, Lisa and Janet © me.
Kimio, one of the characters in a comic me and my pal Morko are working on. She's a human (I know, I know... >.<), but she's also dead, so have compassion. .o, Kimio © Morko-sama and yours truly.

February 2002

Well, how would you react if a couple of dragon wings just sprang out of you back, ripping up your skin? Hah! I thought so. Rated PG13 because of a puddle of blood. >., Lisa Echidna © me, Lisa M, 2002.
This picture was drawn for the character bio page, but I couldn't resist to work some more on it. ^^; Pyra in her school uniform. Nifty. ;) Pyra is © Lisa M (yeah, me...) 2002. The background is from Dunblane, Scotland.
A little doodle I drew in a schoolbook and scanned just for the heck of it. It was meant to be Piccolo, screaming or something. But then my non-existant sense of humor struck, and I drew an apple. So now, it's Piccolo eating an apple. Ha ha ha. Piccolo © Akira Toriyama.
Another doodle I colored. Turned out pretty nifty, me think. ^^ Lisa in profile. © Me, I and myself.
YET another doodle, colored and ready. Lisa wearing a tie. And she's got curly hair. ^^ This looks pretty much like me IRL, according to my classmates. .^;; Lisa © Me.
Janet's profile pic. © guess whooooo...
Pyra's profile; part two. She looks pretty angry. .^;;;;; Pyra © Yours truly. Liz... yeah, me again. :P
Just some doodles which were made in an OpenCanvas session with James Pow. Looooong legs. ^^; Lisa, Hogi-san and random anime girl © me, JamesPow © himself.

January 2002

What happens if you turn Knuckles into a human and change his gender? THIS is what happens! Quite sexy, if I may say so. ^^, Oh, and this was NOT my idea to begin with... it's based on a (very weird) manga by Koushi Rikudou. Knuckles © to SEGA.
I realize I haven't drawn a lot of pictures of Myra and Rash, two of my characters. .o Their relationship is quite weird, but in this pic they seem to have one of their softer moments. Myra and Rash © Yours truly, Lisa Echidna.
I've been thinking of making this pic for quite awhile, but... bah. It's Chaoz Jamez and Janet Kaya, hugging. For James, since he likes Janet so much. ^-^ Janet © me - Lisa M, and Chaoz Jamez is © James Grant.

December 2001

Exchange pic for Kiwi Wolf - Emily Chameleon, Espio's twin sister. I gave her a green hat and some irish-styled clothes because I thought she looked pretty in them. ^^ And in the background, is, of course, an irish cottage. Emily © Kiwi Wolf 2001.
I just thought I'd put up an example of what I doodle everyday in my school books. I usually don't put these up because they aren't all that great, but... bah. They must have been some weird reason why I scanned this particular one. Lisa © me.
ANOTHER Lisa-pic... I'm feeding my ego or something. ^_^ Lisa in a christmas outfit. The design is slightly changed since last year... Dunno if it's bad or good. .^;; Lisa Echidna is Me, Lisa M.

November 2001

Oh no! HUMANS! O.O;; But... they look a little familliar, don't they...? It's almost furry. ^^; Um... A little shounen ai-ish, perhaps. Both © SEGA.
I love Shojo Kakumei Utena. I really do. So, I drew Rash and Alexa as Seyonji and Juri, duelists of the student council. Rash (see original pic here) was given this makeover long ago, but no new pictures of him were put online until now. Both © me.
The pre-sketch for the "Shameless"-comic. I experimented with the colors, and the result wasn't very statisfying. Lisa's school uniform is... umm... well, the pic speaks for itself. Rated PG. Lisa Echidna is Me, Lisa M.
Not very original, not very fun, but... blergh. .^; Janet, Kyle and Pyra standing. Very simple coloring, but it works. ;) All of 'em © me.

October 2001

Jamez hates school uniforms. That's a shame, dontcha think? So here are Janet and Jamez as kiddies, dressed up in english (or perhaps scottish) school uniforms! Jamez © James Grant, Janet © me, Lisa M Echidna.
I don't even know when I drew this. Months ago, I reckon. It's not a real character, just something I drew. Strangely enough, she's got a name; Gina. There. She's © me. And now, she shall never be used again.
I wasn't gonna put this up! Honestly! X.o,, It was atonomy practice! *hides in a jar* Zomicca and Lisa, both © Me. Rated PG, or perhaps PG13.
Exchange pic for SoniTweek - it's Tylander! Ta-daah! ^^;; Getting a little bored of photoshop. Oh well, it's not that shabby. Tylender © SoniTweek.

September 2001

Lisa, trying to comfort a younger version of herself. This pic has a meaning, but I don't think I will include it in Lisa'a story. Lisa Echidna (new and old version) © Me.
Oooooold pic I found lying around. The coloring is terrible, her face looks weird, but I like the pose. :P Julie-Su © Archie comics.
BANZAI BEAVER!!! Just felt like drawing a beaver. Enjoy. ^_^ Beaver © me. I guess. .O;;

August 2001

"Den e dd!" This is based on the ending of SA2 (SPOILERS!), a pic especially to our beloved Shadow. No, Sonic's not about to kiss him. X.x;; Sonic and Shadow © SEGA.
This is my fave pic this month. Slayers fans, dig this; LISA INVERSE AND KYAIM GAVRIEL! *insert evil laugh* Ehh... it's not as corny as it sounds. x.X,, Lisa and Kyaim © Lisa M (me!), Slayers © TV TOKYO & SoftX.
Hah hah.... this pic was made before I knew that Knux had turned into a gangster rapper in SA2. Well, now I know. x.x;; Knuxie © SEGA, Hogi-san © me.
I know, I know... "Stop it with the school uniforms already!" Mwhaha. And I'm not making fun of Acid because of her school uniform... she's just depressed for one reason or another. .o,, Acid © Helena S, Lisa © yours truly.
OK, TAKE THIS! The ultimate picture of cuteness! BEWARE! .O;; Kyle and Hogi-san © Me. My lil' boys. ^^;;
Da' hog is back in town, and grinding! Yeah, MORE SA2 madness! ^^ Sonic the hedgehog © SEGA - our light on the way. ;)
Simple pic of Kyaim, colored with watercolors. Boooring, I know. ;P © Me.
Picture for Zorro Azul. Man, am I slow or what? o.x;; Oh well, not too shabby. ;) Zorro, or "the icy wind" is © himself. As is the icy background. ^^;;
My part of the exchange with Matt Page; here's Halcyon! Black and white, but I think it looks better this way. A lil sketchy, perhaps. ;) Halcyon is © (if you didn't guess already) Matt Page.
Ahh, you shouldn't play with the fire... then again, trying to tell Alexa that when she's in a bad mood might not be a good idea. o.O;; Alexa the fox © none other than me.

June/July Update 2001

By WhiteWolf's demand, here are Pyra and... Myra! ^_^ No, it's not some silly excuse thingy, Myra is Pyra's twin sister, though their personalities are the total opposites. .o Pyra and Pyra are © yours truly, Lisa M.
Exchange pic for Ami hedgehog... her character, Darkness. Ah, looking really mean, ne? :D Darkness © Ami.
Lisa in a school uniform. I'm well aware of that this looks a lot like a Bara-chan ripoff, but it's a mere coincidence; I'm not trying to copy anyone. x.x; Lisa © Lisa M Echidna. Me. MINE. ^-^
I drew this pic at least three months ago. .o Yup, that's Janet, and she looks... drugged. Or stoned. Or a little bit like Lain. © Me.

May Update 2001

Hey, no one draws Amy Rose in her old style anymore... Why is that? I know the colors of her clothes were kinda... strange, but... She's so KAWAII! Inspired by my keychain. Character and background © SEGA
Ack! I've drawn far too few pictures of the almighty hedgehog! Forgive me! .o,, Lisa echidna © me, Sonic © Nintendo. Gotcha! ^.~ That's SEGA, Of course.
This is Chaoz Jamez, and not Chaos0.... Anyways, here U go, pal. Chaoz Jamez © James Grant.

April Update 2001

James Pow, the happy cyborg-echidna! Exchange pic. ^^ James © himself '01.
No, Janet's NOT a cheerleader in this pic. She's just being cute. =P Janet © me, Lisa M.
Hehee... Lisa, Pyra and Janet, playing a parlour game. I like the coloring on this pic. ^^ And NO, that's not an engagement ring Pyra is wearing. o.x; All three of them, © yours truly, Lisa M.
Happy Easter! Season greetings from Lisa Echidna ArtWorX ^^;; *insert AD here*. Sonic, Tails and the Chao are © SEGA. Hogi-san © me.
Group pic with the swedish furry elite... kinda ^^;; James Pow, White Wolf, DarK AciD, Startail and Magnus © their own players. ^^ Lisa Echidna is (as usual) © me.
Hmm... o.,, I was considering hard not to put this pic up... but then I did anyway. :P it's a song pic of Lisa, drowing. Based on the song "Duvet" from Lain. It's rated PG13 because Lisa's naked, so younger viewers, beware. © yours truly, Lisa M.

February/March Update 2001

Old resurrected chara; Razik! I think he's a mix between a triceratops and a lizard of sorts... ^^,, Erm. Razik © Sebastian and me. But he's mostly Sebastian's. =P
Look what I found! The VERY first sketch of Kyaim! Drawn on lined paper in school! ^^,, He was supposed to be a male version of Lisa Echidna back then... Heh heh heh ^^ Kyaim © Me.
Acid and Tim. ^_^ Drawn with amazing watercolor pencils. Enjoy. Acid & Tim © Dark Acid.
My part of an art exchange with Tim Fewell. ^_^ Kelsie the rabbit! Heh heh heh... Groovy. ^_^ Kelsie © Tim Fewell.
It's Lisa Echidna! Waaaahh! Suprise! ^_^ Made with watercolor pencils. © me.
Before blomll, there was a sketch of a cute character with no name. Lisa the crazy furrymaniac decided that the world had the right to know Blomkl's orgins, and therefore... here he is. ^_^ Blomkl © DarK AciD.
Acid's character Tim... he's... psycho. ^_^ But he's a cute psycho! This pic is rated PG-13 because of the magazine Tim is reading, so beware. Err... No, it's not porn. o.O,,, Tim © DarK AciD.

January Update 2001

A pic I did for Magnus A and his girlfriend Maringa. It's their charas, Mighty and Cay, sitting on a hill... aww! So cute! ^.^ Mighty & Cay are Magnus and Maringa's players. Mighty is © SEGA.
Ta-daaah! The (in)famous "youdon'twanttoknow" pic, this time in COLOR, thanks to Acid! ^_^ *audience cheers* Kyle & Kyaim is © me, Acid and colors © Acid. ^_^
Agh... this pic is several months old... Anyway, it's the CD cover I used for the third "CD project" by me and a friend. We called ourselves "the heartrippers", hence the cover pic. Rated PG for a little blood. =P


This page was made by: Lisa Echidna. All characters are © to their respective owners. Sonic the hedgehog and all related characters are still © to SEGA, Archie comics and DiC animations.