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Comics with my characters that other people drew. There's not a lot of them, but they're cool nontheless. ^_^

Number of comics:

Comics by Chaoz Jamez
jamez_sa2auditions.gifWhat if Lisa and Jamez were on an SA2 audition...? Rated PG. .^;
jamez_ccontrolcomic.jpgSA2 adaption, sorta. Jamez as Shadow, Lisa as Sonic.

Comics by Kimm-Ly
kimmly_comic1.gifComic with Lisa and Kimm-ly... Part 1
kimmly_comic2.gif...Part 2...
kimmly_comic3.gif...and part 3.

Comics by MIG !NEW!
MIGvsmagic1.jpgMIG vs magic: part 1.
MIGvsmagic2.jpgMIG vs magic: part 2.
MIG_flowercomic.gifMIG finds a nice... view? o.O;
mig_concretecomic.jpgGood thing this concrete broke my fall.. @_x;;
mig_ripoffcomic.jpgDon't even ask... .0,, This is supposed to be a ripoff of something. ^^;

Comics by Joxx
joxx_windycomic.jpgA windy comic starring Lisa, Janet, Jamez and Joxx. Don't peak under my skirt damnit! >.@;

Comics by Sabiss
sabiss_comiclisadawizard.jpgLiz' da wiz! Tee hee hee. ^^ Starring: Lisa, Alexa, Sabiss and Snakebyte.

Comics by Samy !NEW!
samy_sonicfanscomic.jpgYup, we're sonic fans alright... starring Amy Rose, Lisa and Samy.

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