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My original plan was to put up my own comics along with some info about the StH comics from Archie, but there are already enough pages on the net with Archie scans, so instead, this page is for my own comics ONLY. If you'd like to use these comics anywhere on the net, please ask for my permission first, and DON'T STEAL 'EM! Sonic and friends are © SEGA, all other charas are © their players/creators.

Short comics (comic strips) from 2001 and foward:

WHAM. (May '02 comic) Things are getting a bit too cliché when Liz takes on a quite bad guy-like personality. Alexa's solution is fast and simple.
X/1999 ripoff I drew this page at mangakai's drawing meeting. It's not a part of anything, I just wanted to ink something really cool. Human Liz.
Visitor at night (April '02 comic) In the midst of the night, Zomicca decides to pay Lisa a visit. What she has to tell is strange indeed.
The laws of Physics (Mars '02 comic) The sillyness continues. While Alexa is looking for answers, Lisa challenges the laws of physics. Big mistake.
Weird things happen sometimes. (February '02 comic) A pair of small and completely useless dragon wings springs out of Lisa's back. Alexa thinks she knows why.
Based on real life events. (January '02 comic) What do you do if you go break a rib due to coughing? Well, you make a comic about it, of course!
Fairytale of New York (December '01 comic) Lisa'a way to capture the Christmas Spirit. A tribute to Kirsty MacColl.
The duel that never was. (November '01 comic) Basically how the poor 'kidna gal got out of the d4Mn3# closet already. ó.^;;
In the dephts of the closet... (October '01 comic) Lisa has been captured by the evil Zomicca. And that really sucks.
Don't you have any shame?! Janet gives Lisa a piece of her mind concerning the overwhelming amount of school uniforms appearing in the furry art gallery. Rated PG because of... because of... because of Lisa's clothing! x.x,
SA2: what else is there to life? Based on RL-events. Chaoz Jamez kicks my butt in SA2.
Comic sample. In swedish. As an art project in school, I made a comic with a really strange storyline, which was VERY inspired by japanese manga. Here's a sample page which I was too lazy to translate, but enjoy. Lisa & Janet chatting in Hagaparken (Alexa, Janet, Lisa, Kyaim, Pyra and Rash were the main characters, in case you'd like to know). Oh and by the way; I GOT THE HIGHEST GRADE IN ART! WAI!!
Howcome we aren't in SA2?! A short comic strip about Lisa and Acid. Lisa is REALLY pissed off about not being in SA2. ó.O,, Lisa © me, Acid © herself.
The breakup. This was back when Tripod had deleted half of my page. I was going to move. I really was. But then... then they restored my files... and I didn't want to move after all! Oh, Tripod, my love, will you ever forgive me?! ....ó.^;;;;

Comic projects:

Other-M (Other Mobius) As a proud member of the Other-M crew, here are the two issues I made for Other-M (Other Mobius, a Sonic the hedgehog fan comic by Ian the Potto).

Old comics (from 1999):

Do the heroes always show up?
Black and white. Now, if Lisa got her own live show at BBC, who many ppl think that she would get herself in trouble? *waits, and about everybody raises hand* ...that many? wow ^_^ sonic, knuckles, Robotnik, and all the other crooks are property of either sega or archie comics.

Trust your horoscope
In color. Lisa and Mio-chan on a walk.

Trouble Times Two (TTT)

Here it is! Trouble times Two is the full lengh version of the "spy comic sample", I don't know why I called it spy comic, though, since it've NOTHING to do with spies. I'm working on it right now, but it'll probably take awhile til' it's fully done. Enjoy the pages I've scanned so far! um... yeah... And if you have any ideas for what might happen later in the comic, e-mail me!

Story: When Lisa is out on a walk one fine sunny day, she trips over a skateboard... she crashes into Alexa, and she could never dream of what the consequenses would be...

NOTE: Alexa who's 'playing' a police officer in this comic, is acting VERY much out of character here. As a matter of fact, she's got the total opposite personality usually, but since this is a humourious comic, I needed to twist her personality a bit. (A BIT??! SHE'S UN-RECOGNIZABLE!!)

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Tails in Trouble

A five page story. Dash and Trinity thinks their trip to the beach will be peaceful and quiet. They are so wrong...
All characthers in this story are © to their creators.


Vicky Fake - Ricky Lake crossover.

A 4 page story about a 3 echidnas and a stupic tv show host.

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The story about the three sega mascots who had to move an entire homepage
- Just what it says.

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