It's moving!! It's really MOVING!!

Animated pictures, the newer ones at the top! Take a look!! I've got a new animation program now, so new pics will be up!(If I'm not too lazy that is... =P) Anyway.... Enjoy!! ^__^

Don't rip off any of my pictures from this page without asking me first!!

July update 2000

Tails sleeping. Isn't he just too adorable? I created this one while I was listening to a real cute midi version of Tails' theme "believe in myself". Tails SEGA.

June Update 2000


Sonic laughing, looking wicked... o.O'' I'm scared... Sonic SEGA

November update 1999

YUM! candy! for me?

October update

Is's sure windy today, wouldn't you agree? Lisa in anime style.

Me and Rose, talking... but it seems like Sonic is interrupting us... Lisa is ME, Rose is her player, Sonic is the almighty SEGA '99.

Oh, poor Tails is crying... he fell off his skateboard... Tails is SEGA '99

Sally and Nicole. Archie comics '99

Sebbe is kicking... the air? Looks like he's trying to kill a fly by kicking on it... Sebastian is his player '99

September update

Amy hugging Sonic. hehe... Sonic doesn't seem to like it very much... SEGA

August update

Looks stupid, I know... Lisa waving at ya! Lisa is, no doubt, ME!!!

lis walk
This one's even worse :P Lisa walking... I'm running out of ideas...

July update:

(This is my first animation) Maybe you have seen a familliar pic in my furry gallery? well, this one's MOVING!!!

Same as above but this is a longer version which will take a little longer to load.

A beaver. see??

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This page was made by: Lisa Echidna. Knuckles, Amy, Sonic, Tails, The chaotix, Robotnik and Nack are SEGA. The freedom fighters are DiC animations and Archie comics. Lisa Echidna is ME.